How to Fix YouTube TV Error Code 3 

The YouTube TV error code 3 is extremely popular and it is usually caused if there is any kind of network or connectivity error while using the app. Usually, you will notice that after the error code has been displayed the screen will freeze. It does not however mean that you will not be able to fix the problem.

The YouTube TV error code 3 is most popular if you have any kind of network issues. Don’t be worried as this is one of the most common happenings. Just follow the steps as we have mentioned and you will be good to go. Sometimes this error also happens due to server errors. YouTube TV is exceptionally popular and known to have a really good collection of TV shows and series.

Why Does My YouTube TV Keep Saying Error 3?

YouTube TV Error Code 3

There could be quite a few reasons behind why your YouTube TV keeps showing the error 3. Some of the most common instances include:

1. An issue with the YouTube TV App

There could be some kind of issue with the YouTube TV app itself. This is because sometimes the app becomes too burdened with users and it starts to malfunction every now and then.

2. Connectivity

A connectivity issue is also a major reason why your YouTube TV might say you have an error. In order to stream the videos seamlessly, it is extremely important that you keep an uninterrupted internet connection.

3. Server Problem

Sometimes even the server remains down from the YouTube TV app itself. This is because there are a lot of users who are trying to use the app at the same time. Try to wait for a couple of minutes as it can reset YouTube TV very easily.

4. Unsupported Device

Your device is unsupported. Sometimes there are devices that do not support the running of YouTube TV smoothly. In such cases, it is possible that you will be shown this particular code. The device could be anything like a computer, laptop, or even some variants of smart televisions.

How to Fix YouTube TV Error Code 3?

YouTube TV Error Code 3

Don’t worry if your YouTube TV shows the error code. The error code 4 YouTube TV can be taken care of with with help of the following steps:

1. Fix Internet Issues

Check if there are any kind of internet issues. For this, you can reinstall the wifi once more. Or you can just disconnect from the existing network and reconnect again. This often fixes the problem and removes the error code.

2. Technical Glitches

It can happen that there are some kind of technical glitches in your app itself. For this, the only thing that you need to do is shut down the app and then start to reuse the same again. You will be able to restream the app again.

3. Clear Background App

Try to close all the apps which are running in the background. All you need to do is press the ctrl shift+esc keys. After you tap on the processes tab, just click on the End Task option.

4. Clear Browsing History

Clear all your browsing history and data. Sometimes these act as a deterrent and do not allow you to stream the app easily.


It is possible that the YouTube TV app itself is down and hence it is showing the error code. For this, you might need to just wait for some time as it is not in your hands. You might also need to update the app so that it can run smoothly with all the new technological advancements.

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