Understanding The Causes and Solutions To Dev Error 401

It can be extremely frustrating if you are trying to sign up with any website and yet all you can get in return is the dev Error 401. The error can pop up while trying to access any site and it is pretty common as well for most types of browsers. This particular error code is also known very popularly as the 401 Unauthorised Error as well. It generally indicates that the request to the web application was not authenticated. This error is usually from the client side and hence it can be recurrent as well. The code is most common if you are trying to access it via a computer or laptop but can be common via mobile phones as well.

Although the causes can be too many, don’t worry as it can be fixed easily as well. The only thing that you need to do it’s follow the steps that have been mentioned and you will not have the error problem. The Modern Warfare 2 dev error 401 is quite a recent bug and it can completely stop you from playing the game. Ensure that you check the connectivity once to rule out any such mishaps.

What Causes a 401 Error?

Dev Error 401

The dev error 401 mw2 Xbox is common and it can happen due to quite a few reasons. You need to try different ways to troubleshoot and ensure that you can solve the problem. Some of the most important ways why you might be seeing the error code are:

Outdated Browser Cache and Cookies

The most common reason why you might be seeing this error is because of outdated browser cache and cookies. When both of these are out of date it is highly possible that you will be coming across the Error code 401. It will prevent the authorization from being successful. A lot of people do not pay a lot of importance to this however this is a major reason why you might be seeing the error popping up time and again.

Plugin Incompatibility

It is possible that if there is any kind of incompatibility with the plugin, then the cod mw2 dev error 401 pops up. It is possible that they might mistake your login as an unwanted activity. It automatically blocks you from using the same and can be a major deterrent.

Incorrect URL

And finally, another very common reason why you might be facing this particular error code is due to an incorrect URL or even an outdated link. This is a very common thing and happens to most people when they do not check the connection that they have used or there is some kind of incorrect words or symbols in the link.

How to Fix the 401 Error?

Dev Error 401

Don’t worry, you can choose to fix the dev error 401 mw2 and that too with the help of some simple steps. These are:

Check URL

The first thing that you need to do is check if the URL you have given is correct. Before you go ahead with any other method of troubleshooting the system, always ensure that the URL is appropriate. It can happen that you are copying and pasting the link from a different website and while doing so, there are other characters added automatically. Double-check the link. To get this, assess the restricted resource from the homepage of the website.

Server Issues

You have to be very sure that there are no user-end issues. Some of the most common ones that can happen in this case are clearing the cache and browsing history. Just tap on the Settings -> Privacy and security -> Clear browsing data. You can also flush your DNS cache. Just tap on the command prompt and enter the command “ipconfig/flushdns” followed by the Enter.

Check User ID And Password

If you are trying to gain access to a site that has already been locked and you need a special password or authentication, then the 401 code might pop up. Always check if you are entering with the help of the right password and user ID.

Disable Password Protection

The next thing that you can try is disabling the password protection. Just go to the File Manager option of your hosting account. Open the directory of websites that are password-protected. Find the .htaccess file created by you. Back up the file and then delete the .htaccess from the history. Also, find the secret location of the .htaccess file and backup for that. Once done, you can delete this option as well.

Troubleshoot The Code

And finally, you can choose to troubleshoot the code as well to get rid of the error. The problem can be with the web server as well. You can check this by first accessing the page that is showing the error. Right-click and select the inspect option or just press Ctrl+shift+J. Open the network tab and then let the page reload. Once you open the Headers tab you will find the WWW-Authenticate entry. This is usually under the Response Headers section. Just refer to the HTTP Authentication Scheme Registry. You will be able to find out the page’s authentication method.


Facing the Modern Warfare 2 dev error 401 can be extremely frustrating particularly if you are trying for a long time. Using these methods can quickly help you to get the desired results and get rid of the error.

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