How To Untimeout Someone On Discord In Simple Steps

The answer to how to untimeout someone on Discord is by accessing the moderation tab after you have opened the Discord directly. Discord is an extremely important platform and it helps people connect very quickly and maintain the same throughout.

The timeout feature ensures that you can prevent certain people from sending or responding to any message or joining calls. You can just right-click on their name and then tap on the “timeout” option. Members with server permission can only access the “timeout” feature.

Why Would You Want to Untimeout Someone?

The timeout option restricts individuals from temporarily accessing or using a server. However, as we have mentioned this is a “temporary” option and you might want to bring them back to use the server. In such cases, it becomes extremely important that you learn how to untimeout someone on Discord. Not only that, there are usually quite a few moderators, and not all of them might agree on the idea to keep in timeout. In such cases, you will need to untimeout them.

Along with that, when you untimeout someone, they will be able to react to posts or even send messages. The option of “timeout” is reversible. You will also need to untimeout someone so that you can restore the regular access of the individual as well.

How to Untimeout Someone Out on Discord?

How To Untimeout Someone On Discord

You can choose to untimeout someone on Discord with the help of some simple steps. Just follow the cycle that we mention and it can help you to get the desired results in less time. These are:

For the first step, you will need to open the Discord. After that, you will need to tap on the server where you have already timed out the member.

Here you can come across the “Moderation” tab and navigate via the same. This is usually at the top of the server interface. After you click on the same, you will be able to get the list of moderation options as well. After you get the drop-down menu, just click on the “timeout” tab.

This will aid you to get all the required information on which are the members who are timed out at the moment or have been timed out in the past. You will be able to get the name from the list and at the same time even get the name from the search bar panel. Once you tap on it, you will be able to open their user profile.

In the profile itself, you will be able to find the “untimeout” option and all you will need to do is tap on it. This will give them all access again and allows them to re-engage with the server. They are able to get complete access. This includes reacting to posts, sending messages, and similar others.

How to Timeout Someone on Discord?

Just like you can easily untimeout someone on Discord, in order to timeout someone, you will need to follow a clear schedule. The steps involved are:

The first thing that you will need to do is right-click on the user list or the user profile that you will want to timeout. From the context menu, you will be able to get the “Timeout” or ” Mute” option. You can choose the duration for which you will want to select the timeout option. There are options to customize the duration as per your wants as well.

And finally, although it is optional, you will need to give a brief insight as to why you are selecting the person for “timeout”. All you need to do is tap on the “confirm” or “apply” option and you will be able to carry out the timeout activity very easily.

How To Fix Timeout and Untimeout ?

Fixing timeout and untimeout is extremely easy and we have mentioned the steps that you need to follow for both activities. However, if you want to untimeout someone who has been timed out by another moderator, you will need permission from them. Fixing both timeout and untimeout takes very less time. However, before you fix any of these features remember why you initiated the activity in the first place.

You will not be able to untimeout unless you have permission. However, because this is a new feature it is possible that some people have issues with it. A common issue is that the individual whom you want to time out is already a moderator or administrator. Hence you will need to check that first. In such cases, you will need to remove them from the position and then use the timeout feature.

Even if that does not work, you will need to create a role where you have disabled all the permissions. You can send this option to the one whom you want to time out and once they join, they will be blocked from all the functions. This fixes your timeout and untimeout feature on Discord very easily.


Discord is one of the most popular platforms at the moment and it aids you to timeout those who have not been showing desired results. However, if you notice that they have improved their activities, then you can choose to get them back to their roles and untimeout. All these features are reversible and hence make your activities extremely simple.

frequently asked questions

Q1. Can You Cancel Timeout In Discord?
Ans: Yes, as we have already mentioned the timeout feature in Discord is temporary. Hence you will be able to cancel the timeout option. Just follow the steps as we have mentioned and you are good to go.

Q2. What if the user continues the same behavior after being untimed out?
Ans: If the user continues the same behavior after being timed out then you can warn them once. Even if that does not work, then you can use the timeout feature on them once more. You can keep them timed out unless they reverse the behavior and starts showing desirable activities.

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