How To Hide Tv Wires Without Cutting Wall

A cluster of unsightly wires from the rear of an expensive flat-screen TV is the worst thing you can see. These cables also present a safety risk if you live with young children. In addition, they quickly begin to gather difficult-to-clean dust particles. Here are a few easy and cheap methods to conceal your TV wires without 

making any wall cuts.

Use Cord Clips To Conceal Your Wires Behind A TV Stand.

Use cord clips to conceal your cords if a stand supports your TV. These tiny plastic clips typically have an adhesive backing, allowing you to attach them to the back of your furniture without fretting that you’ll harm anything. Additionally, this will keep your cords orderly and prevent them from becoming tangled.

Wires For Artwork

Making it appear good is the best option if you can’t conceal it. Instead of worrying about concealing wiring on walls, use your imagination to create fascinating wire art and secure the wires to the wall with wall clips or tape.

Turn the wire into a stem and colour some leaves to finish your artwork. Another option is to outline a cityscape with towering structures and residences or change it into a bamboo garden.

Make Mse Of A Wall Cord Raceway kit.
how to hide tv wires without cutting wall

If your TV is mounted, you can conceal the cables using a wall cord concealer kit without damaging your walls. You can attach this raceway to your wall without harming it because it typically has an adhesive backing. Before snapping the cover on, you can conceal your TV wires and other connections inside it. You can always add or delete cables using a raceway.

However, it will mean that your cables must traverse a greater distance, so you might need to get new cables that are longer. You can cut this type of raceway down to the ideal size because it is typically plastic.

Additionaly, you could paint your raceway the same shade as your wall to make it fit in with the surroundings. You can take a tiny paint chip off your wall to your neighbour’s hardware shop for the best paint match.

Keep your wires Off The Floor By Using Zip Ties.

You can use zip ties to prevent your wires from contacting the ground if your TV stand has an open area at the bottom. You only need to bundle your wires and bind them together at the center with a zip tie. Make sure there is enough room so you can remove your TV stand and reach the wires.

Velcro zip ties are an alternative if you don’t want to cut your zip ties every time you need to relocate a wire. Use a flat outlet extender to plug your cables in from the side to save even more room. Additionally, you can plug your gadgets into two or three times as many outlets as before.

Rescue By Furnishings

This is a straightforward solution to consider if you’re looking for ways to conceal wiring on walls.  Dangling cords can make your house look unkempt and ugly. Along the back edges of your furnishings, gather the cords and fasten them with transparent cord clips.

Ensure the wires run along the edges and the cords are carefully hooked. DIY experts can look into designs for TV wire hiders that can be hidden behind furnishings and build their own from scratch.

Utilize A Fabric Cable Cover
how to hide tv wires without cutting wall

A straightforward fabric cord cover might be a good option if your TV is in the center of your room or you cannot use a raceway. With this simple fix, you can conceal your wires while protecting them from curious kids and animals. It will be less likely that someone will fall over your wires.

Typically, fabric cable covers are available in various colors and dimensions. Some of them have zippers that make it simple to remove them when you want to add or remove cords. Although using a fabric cable cover prevents you from cutting it to fit, you can always add however many you need, and it will still look great.

Wrap The Pipe Up

Using cable wraps or flex tubing to contain wires on walls is one of the simplest methods to conceal them. Our laptops, printers, cell phones, and other gadgets frequently have cords and wires. Gather the wires, form a bundle in your hands, and carefully insert it into the tubing. One of the best methods for organizing the numerous wires and cords hanging from different devices is cable wraps.

TV Wires Can Be Hidden Behind A Wall.

The easiest way to conceal your TV wires is to cut them into your walls. If you use an in-wall power extender with multiple outlets, you can plug more devices into the rear of your TV and hide your cables from view. Furthermore, this technique enables you to flush-mount your Monitor against the wall.

This is so that when you retract your TV back, your cables won’t strike the back of your TV, as most power extender kits are recessed. Even though you can mount your TV yourself, doing so can be challenging, particularly if it is a large flat-screen. You can always ask a Tech expert to mount your TV if you feel unsafe doing it yourself.

Purchase A Stylish Entertainment Set
how to hide tv wires without cutting wall

The unit’s back panel will carefully hide all those unsightly wires, and there will be room for you to store your speakers, music system, DVD player, CDs, and anything else you might want to keep. Whatever the style of your sitting room’s décor, make sure the unit will match. Modify the storage areas to hold everything that needs to be hidden away.

Keep Your Media Wires Out Of Sight

The creative type will love this concept. Your tangled TV cables can be transformed into works of art with a little creativity. To make a design out of your wires, you only need to use transparent plastic cable clips, double-sided tape, adhesive, or any other discrete technique.

If you’re more daring, you could make more complex geometric designs or make a city skyline from your TV cables. Using the TV wires to create computer chip patterns is one of the best idea that will undoubtedly appeal to internet homeowners.

Cover Your TV Wires With Styling.

Placing your TV wires behind decorations is one of the simplest and most affordable methods to conceal them without making any cuts in your walls. For instance, if your TV is mounted above a table or a set of drawers, all you need to do to conceal the wires is position some books, a marble bust, or another decorative item.

Additionally, you can conceal your cable box and other plugged-in devices using decorative cases. Make sure that none of your TV devices are blocked. This may make it challenging for your remote to communicate with your Screen.

Use Books As A Cure

A small library to cover the offending wires is an inexpensive and practical solution for those trying to figure out how to hide TV wires without cutting walls. You have a book library somewhere in your house. Purchase them and use them as house décor to conceal unsightly wires in your living room.

Place a stack of books in front of the cables on your console table, and you’re done. Books are also excellent for concealing routers and all the wires and connections accompanying them. An old book’s hardcover can double as a router cover or TV wire hider.

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