How To Hide Emperors Child Spoiler

The main character seeks to keep the emperor from finding out while they are traveling that Theor has become their kid. She gave him eye drops twice a day to make his eyes turn blue (black hair and red eyes are only known to the royal families), and she had her grandfather invent a disease to hasten his journey. 

When MC is at home and pouts at ML because she wants to go, ML calls the imperial soldiers and requests that they place her under house arrest so that she won’t run away again.

Because he didn’t like her, she gives up trying to find him, after all, that time. She finally pardons him following his groveling and her growing intimacy with Theor.

MC experiences pregnancy problems and becomes pregnant with her daughter. The emperor is now a father who is overly protective and irate with her cousin (the brother of the MC and the son of the pharmacist). MC and ML argue about the subject, and it is revealed that MC mistakenly held onto the five-year contract.

Twist Overview

How To Hide Emperors Child Spoiler

The first few chapters of the narrative are devoted to the main character’s (MC) efforts to prevent the emperor from finding out that Theor has become their child while they are still pregnant. She puts eye drops in his eyes twice a day to make them become blue (black hair and eyes are red are only known to the royal families).

In the end, she insisted that her grandfather and Theor go back to their house while she went to the capital to carry out the dowager empress’s instructions. Additionally, in order to hasten her grandfather’s death, she made up an illness. 

ML falls in love with her and makes a connection with Theor as she corrects her throughout the trip to the capital. FL imagines herself leaving on a whim adventure, returning with her father and Theor in the direction of the east, and never coming back after she has solved the problem.

At a later meeting, the Marquis’ wife, who hates Estelle and whose daughter has been deemed the strong contender for the throne, insists that MC be having an illicit child in front of the gathered nobles. Emperor informs her that he was already aware of the facts, and MC doesn’t contest it.

ML summons the imperial troops and asks them to place MC under house arrest in order to prevent more escapes while she is at home and pouts at him because she wants to go. She orders Theor and his grandfather to proceed in the darkness initially, with the purpose to flee afterward.

Astell Accepts The Proposal | Kaizen Finds Out About Theor

How To Hide Emperors Child Spoiler

Before that, I have something to say to you, Estelle remarked as she inhaled deeply and stared intently into his eyes. Kaizen was unable to talk for more than a minute due to his deep concentration.

For the past three days, he has endured unending pain and rage, but it has finally come to light that Theor is his son. I use this powerful remedy throughout the day to change the color of his eyes. While observing the lost Kaizen, Astelle continued to describe the situation.

Theor was an unregistered child, so Astelle covered his birth and said he was her nephew. As Kaizen observed Astelle standing in peace, he had a sensation like an explosion erupting from his chest. Don’t you realize that taking Theor is the only punishment I have to impose on you?

Kaizen was unable to unwind, so he sat still. His heart ached as he whispered those words. “Just do it if you want it,” Astelle responded without hesitation or hesitance. Kaizen chuckled hysterically. He was always free to reprimand Astelle.

She may be imprisoned for keeping a successor to the throne a secret. I’m sure he would have punished her if they had initially met a few months earlier, on their second meeting. Kaizen, however, was aware that he couldn’t do it now. ” What is that condition, then?

Although the Duke of Reston was no longer serving as prime minister, he still had the title of Lord of the West. Astelle was the daughter of an opportunist, thus Kaizen could get rid of the Duke if he so desired. Theor will succeed to the title of prince in the traitor family’s lineage.

After establishing Theor’s position, Astelle intends to serve as empress for a few years before taking a sabbatical. If she had the key to the shackle’s release, she would be able to reside in the Emperor’s palace on a daily basis.

The freedom-unlocking key, though, was something Astelle yearned to have. His gaze was met by eyes that were bright green with an undefined depth. He crumbled under the effect of her disapproving attitude. Kaizen was adamant about continuing to battle for Astelle and did not want to see her leave.

Summary Of The Whole Plot

Astelle’s long-awaited marital life ended in a day, and when she became an empress, she lied for the benefit of the man who had formerly been her husband. Since she was eleven years old, she has been working hard to marry Kaizen, but all that is left for her is the title of empress. She was left behind by the nobility, and Kaizen, the man she loved, wished for her to depart.

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