How To Hide A Slide In Google Slides?

When creating a presentation, it is common to include a large number of slides in order to make it informative. And when you sit down to complete everything for the big day, you realise that certain slides are valuable for you but not really important to the audience and may be eliminated to save presentation time.

You should not delete these slides (relating to sources, research, etc.) because they are useful for future references. When you visit Google Slides, sign in, and launch your slideshow, you may use the Skip slide function to conceal a slide.4

 Let’s go through how to conceal the slide with or without using the right click.

How Do You Hide A Slide On Google Slides Without Right-Clicking?

When you build or import a slideshow, you may wind up with slides that you don’t want to present but also don’t want to erase. You may just wish to conceal a slide in a Google Slides presentation momentarily.

When you conceal slides in Google Slides, they will not appear when you present, but will appear when you return to your slideshow’s overview. Although it is not an apparent function, you can conceal a slide and then expose it again in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the slide that you wish to conceal. Select the slide to highlight it in the Filmstrip, which displays thumbnails of the slides on the left side.

Step 2: Navigate to the Slide tab.

Step 3: Select the Skip slide option.

When you skip a slide, a symbol of an eye with a line across it appears and is hidden from the presentation. You may still work on or rearrange a slide in a slideshow that you skip. This allows you to keep it out of the display while still editing it. As we move further, you may also delete slides by clicking right.

Method #2 Hiding a Slide using Right-Click

When you conceal a slide, the slide remains in your presentation. When you’re giving your presentation, Google Slides just won’t display it. When publishing your presentation, you may optionally select to skip your hidden slides.

If you don’t want a certain slide to display when you’re presenting or printing your presentation, you may hide it on Google Slides instead of deleting it. We’ll show you another yet easy way just how to accomplish it.

Step 1: Select the slide to be hidden (from the slide navigation window on the left side).

Step 2: Right-click it and select the ‘Skip slide’ option. A crossed-out eye symbol appears, and the slide becomes somewhat translucent, indicating that it is now hidden.

Step 3: To show it again, right-click on the slide and uncheck the ‘Skip slide’ option.

How To Hide Multiple Slides

In Google Slides, I have multiple (almost 100) identical presentations… How can I remove many presentations at the same time (not individual slides, but entire presentations)? These are some of the most typical misunderstandings and questions users have when removing numerous slides. If you like, you may conceal numerous slides at once. You may later unhide your slides with a few simple clicks, as we’ll describe below.

Step 1: Open your presentation on Google Slides to begin hiding slides. Select the slide to conceal from the presentation’s left sidebar (commonly known as the filmstrip). To pick numerous slides, exactly as you would multiple files. Select your slides by holding down Ctrl (Windows, Linux, Chromebook) or Command (Mac) on your keyboard.

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Step 2:  After choosing the slide, pick Slide > Skip Slide from the Google Slides menu bar. Alternatively, right-click the chosen slide and pick “Skip Slide” from the menu.

Step 3: The icon of a line crossing an eye may be seen on the thumbnails of your hidden slides in the left sidebar. This means your slide has been successfully hidden.

When you present your slideshow, you’ll see that the secret slide is missing. If you want to unhide your slide later, go to the left sidebar and pick Slide > Unskip Slide from the menu bar.

Tip: If you don’t see a left sidebar in your presentation, enable it by going to the View menu and selecting Show Filmstrip.

How To Show A Slide When Presenting

When your slide presentation is finished, you must learn how to deliver it to an audience. You can make your presentation seamless, interesting, and professional if you understand how to navigate the slide show and practise ahead of time. You can begin your presentation in a variety of ways:

Step 1: To begin the presentation with the current slide, click the Present command at the top of the window.

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Step 2: To start the presentation from the first slide, choose Present from the beginning from the drop-down option.

Step 3: To begin the slide presentation with Presenter view open, select Presenter view from the drop-down option. This is a private window that shows resources to help you with your presentation, such as slide previews, notes, and running time.

To get to the next slide, click your mouse or hit the spacebar on your keyboard. You may also go ahead and backward through the presentation by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You may also navigate the presentation by hovering your cursor over the bottom-left corner and using the instructions there.

How To Print A Presentation In Google Slides With Hidden Slides

You learnt how to show a slide when presenting in the last session. What if you wish to give your audience a printed copy of the presentation with concealed slides for their convenience? The good news is that when printing handouts in Google Slides, you can include the missed slides. Let’s figure out how to accomplish it.

Step 1: Select ‘Print settings and preview’ from the ‘File’ item on the menu bar. A preview screen will appear in front of you.


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Step 2: On the preview screen, the option ‘Include skipped slides’ is emphasised in the pale yellow backdrop. This indicates that this option is chosen by default.

Step 3: To print your slides, including hidden ones, click the ‘Print’ button or hit the “Ctrl+P” keys on your keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I hide a slide in slides?

Step 1: Select the slide to be hidden (from the slide navigation window on the left side). 

Step 2: Right-click it and select the ‘Skip slide’ option. A crossed-out eye symbol appears, and the slide becomes somewhat translucent, indicating that it is now hidden.

Q2. How can you hide and unhide slides?

Ans2. Select the slides you wish to conceal, right-click, and select Skip slide. The image of a crossed-out eye indicates that certain slides will not be seen in the presentation. Simply repeat the process to make them visible again.

Q3. How do you unhide a slide?

Ans3. As mentioned above to make the slide visible again, simply repeat the operation – a check mark will appear next to the “Skip slide” option, which will vanish when you click it again. 

Q4. How do you hide objects in Google Slides?

Ans4. Google Slides does not yet offer a lock capability for individual photographs or objects. What you can do is take a screenshot of the slide and paste it as a backdrop photo on a slide to prevent any undesired movements.

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