How To Hide A Page On The WebSite website plays an important role in helping car dealers to advertise and market their products well. It is also used by them to get ahead in the market and beat down any competition. But a majority of new car dealers on the website face the issue of how to hide a Page on the website. 

While there are many easy ways to do it, we will get into the process in detail throughout the article. But for now, hiding pages on the website involve a few simple steps such as logging in to your account, clicking on the ‘site administration’ section, then selecting the ‘Pages’ tab. After selecting the page you want to hide, click on the Edit button and then select the “Hide Page” option from the drop-down menu and the selected page will no longer be seen on your site. 

What Is The Dealer.Com Website-Why Hide Pages On A Dealer.Com Website? website is a digital marketing software that assists automotive dealers in marketing and promoting their products   It allows them to make their own virtual dealership online and provides them with options for customizing their site, content management, marketing solutions, performance analytics, etc. 

A website is a great tool for selling products and serves as a virtual dealership marketplace that also takes the preferences of the customers into the account. With the help of the website, the dealers can compete in the competitive automotive market and come out on top. 

The website proves to be very useful to build customer relationships, promote your products as well as for customizing your website according to the needs and preferences of the market as well as a marker for your particular brand. It proves to be very useful in increasing sales and profits.

Why There Is A Need To Hide Pages On A Website: 

When you create a dealership website on, you have to fill in personal and confidential information on many of the pages that are created. 

In order to keep that information confidential so that it’s not visible on the website, there is a need to hide the pages. Hiding these pages means that they cannot be accessed from the site’s navigation menu or using the search option. It is also important to keep in mind that these pages will remain in your database and will not be erased permanently. They can be accessed using their URL. 

Steps You Need To Follow To Hide The Pages From The Website:

Step: 1 Sign in to your account on the website using the login information. 

Step: 2 Go to the Pages section of your website’s site administration section

Step: 3 Search the Page you want to hide and click on it. Select the ‘edit’ option 

Step: 4 From the drop-down menu, select the ‘hide this page’ option and you have successfully managed to conceal the page. 

Alternative Methods To Hide Page On A Dealer.Com Website

There are several different ways to hide a page that you may not want to display on your site on Here are some alternative options:

  • Go to the settings on your site and click on the Hide page option. Doing this will conceal your page but it can still be accessed later if you want. 
  • Another way to hide a page is to delete it from the site. This will make the page disappear completely so that it cannot be accessed again. 
  • Password-protecting your page is another way to hide it so that it can no longer be accessed by anyone who does not have the password information. 
  • By using the ‘Exclude from navigation “ option in the settings, you can make sure that the page stays hidden and doesn’t show up in the navigation menu or search results. 

What Are The Advantages Of Hiding A Page On A Dealer.Com Website?

how to hide page on a website

Given below are a few benefits of hiding pages:

  • It helps keep online security intact by concealing personal and confidential information.
  • Cybercriminals wouldn’t be able to find your vulnerabilities and exploit them easily.
  • Hiding pages that are not visited often leads to better website performance since it gets easier for the website to load and makes it more responsive. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hiding A Page On A Dealer.Com Website?

Since the website serves the purpose of being a virtual car dealership that bridges the gap between the sellers and buyers, it is important that there is trust between the two. This is why, sometimes, hiding a page can come across as deceptive on the part of the seller. It might be mistaken as a means to hide relevant information from the buyer when that is not the intention. 

To get over the disadvantage, the sellers should do their best to make all the important and relevant information related to the products public so that it can be accessed by the buyers easily and thus help build a relationship of trust between the buyers and sellers.

How To Hide The Social Media Icons On A Dealer.Com Website?

Displaying Social media icons on the website is considered to be a good marketing strategy as it works towards engaging more and more people with the brand. But oftentimes, they can also prove to be a bit problematic. 

For example, if some customers are visiting your website to look at cars, constantly being forced to look at the social media icons may take away their attention from the products and they might end up leaving your website and going to another website. It is up to you and what your main goal is: to increase the popularity of your brand or sell more products. If it is the former, you can keep on displaying the social media icons on the site but if it is the latter, then it is better to remove them.

So, in case you want to prevent distractions and keep your customers focused on the products, it is better to hide the social media icons on the website. To do that, you will need to open the website and remove these icons from there. Here is how to do it:

  • Open the website on your web browser and log in by filling in the necessary details
  • Go to Settings and then, click on the social media option
  • Here you will see an option for whether you want to display any particular social icon or not. You can easily choose to hide them all. 

How Much Does A Website Cost?

how to hide page on a website provides a great platform for automotive sellers to advertise, promote and sell their products. It is like a virtual car dealership that has plenty of marketing and advertising plans based on consumer behavior data. It has different pricing plans based on particular marketing and advertising plans. But, the domain registration on the website costs $1999 for the first time, and for the next time; the renewed amount will cost $2499 annually. 

Conclusion is a website that provides a great opportunity for automotive sellers to promote and advertise their products. At the same time, it allows them to protect their personal information and confidential data by allowing them to hide pages in a few simple and effective steps which makes sure that the concealed information cannot be accessed easily by cyber hackers and also prevents those pages from appearing on navigation or search results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should We Hide The Page On The Website?

Whether or not to hide a page depends on whether or not you want to keep certain information from displaying on the website and making it public. If you have personal and confidential information that you do not wish to make public, it is better to hide the page on the website. It can be done in a few easy steps and makes sure your information remains secure and not easily accessible by a third party. 

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