How To Block Mind-Reading Technology?

Scientists, using technologies like computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are analysing the brain anatomy and trying to interpret and solve how the brain thinks, the brain activities, etc. 

It has been 30 years since the first attempt to read a human brain was made. And in recent times, the process has been gaining pace and affecting our lifestyle not only at the medical level but even at the basic level.

For instance, since we have been using google search for almost everything, be it shopping, hiring, or knowledge enhancement, the Google  AI process is ultimately understanding our choices and needs, and thoughts and showing us advertisements accordingly which hits our needs and encouage sales of the companies. Having said that, it is pretty evident that technology can control our way of living and monetize our thoughts for their own profits.

So, do we wish to live like robots? 

If you are wondering how to prevent technologies from reading your mind then you might already know that a Chinese researcher has claimed to have developed an AI-based mind-reading technology. 

But, at the same time, there is very little that we can do to prevent it. Having said that, most actions require our own will!  let’s get to know some solutions:

Quick Ways To Prevent Mind Reading

How To Block Mind-Reading Technology
  • Copper Bracelets

Copper is a metal, proven to have the ability to block electromagnetic waves. Wearing copper bracelets might hinder the process of the technology reading your brain waves.

  • Keeping smartphones away

If the technology is connected to a device through your phone, then it’s smart to keep the phone way out of reach.

  • Not looking directly into the electromagnetic field

 It has been proven that if you look directly into the electromagnetic field, your brain instantly becomes more predictable. It’s better to look away. 

Does Mind Reading Technology Exist? 

To be honest,  there is no definite technology or machine capable of reading a human mind. Through the rapid development of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), scientists are making a near-to-successful effort in reading human brain signals. 

One of the recent experiments in Brooklyn is an example of this. A start-up in Brooklyn called Synchron planted a brain device named Strenode in their patients. This device reads thoughts of people having ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis),people who can’t talk or move, and turns them into texts.

Scientists say strong Machine Learning based systems are being developed that can relate brain activities to external circumstances by seeing how the person reacts inside-out.

Though neurology has made great success so far but has lagged in decoding the brain. With the fast-developing AI-based technologies, it will now be easier to read the thoughts or emotions of the human mind. 

Some researchers say that an effective mind-reading machine that can interpret your thoughts is merely 10-15 years away. 

The Connection Between Mind And Machine 

Through the advancement of technologies, scientists and neurosurgeons can connect the human brain to external machines that can read what goes on in there. The recent development in the BCI (brain-computer interface) holds the potential to help the ones unable to communicate. 

How To Block Mind-Reading Technology

The enhancement of BCI technology is moving towards a world where machines and robots will be able to connect to the human mind and read thoughts. This is a great development for the disabled and paralyzed, suffering from communication over the years. 

Scientists are also looking to the point that these technologies are only used to help out people in need to communicate in some way. And not used to violate one’s intelligence. 

Blocking Mind Reading Technology  

Initiatives like Elon Musk’s Neuralink and Bryan Johnson’s Kernel made people question their intellectual safety and thus, raised the question of ‘how to block mind-reading technology. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used as a tool to read organs, like the brain, closely. But scientists have recently claimed that with revolving technologies, MRI now has the potential to mind read.

It is claimed that mind reading could be easily done by reading two portions of the brain, facial recognition, and fear.  

Researchers and scientists say the human brains operate similarly. Eleven doctors have agreed to this. So, scanning a human mind can interpret human thoughts. 

Even lie detectors have been tested on people’s brains to know if they are speaking the truth. Though this was not a great success, the developing neuroscience is catching up to it all. 

Since 2016, conscious efforts are being made to develop ways to answer the mysterious question of ‘how to block minds’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can one stop someone from reading their mind?

Ans.1 Sometimes, it’s not completely possible to stop someone from reading your mind, if they hold a strong psychic ability. Some factors help these people read your mind, like your style, mood, and how you talk and look. 

You can stop the mind-readers or at least make it hard for them to invade your mental privacy, by knowing yourself better. When you tune in with your feelings better than anyone and set certain boundaries, it gets easier for you to be a victim of mind-reading.

Q.2 Can someone read your brain?

Ans.2 It is not humanly possible to read a human brain. Though people who can read minds, pick up on things like your words, you react to certain things, etc., as cues to what is going on inside a human brain.  

People who claim to know the password to your mind, don’t have the access to the inside of it, they often read your body language and use their psychic guesses.  

Q.3 Can someone hear my thoughts?

Ans.3 No one can hear the thoughts of other people. People can only read you from the outside, i.e., your body language, your reaction to certain words or situations, etc. 

Q.4 Do gang stalkers have some kind of mind-reading technology, and is there a way to block it?

Ans.4 Yes, gang stalkers do have a way to read minds to gain something off or out of you. They use a technology called neural monitoring. When they get their eyes on you, they gather every minute of information about you. They also use v2k (voice-to-skull technology), through which they will get inside your head and manipulate you in life-threatening ways. 

If we are speaking statistics, the increasing rates of gang stalking cases show that there is no permanent solution being created. As precautionary measures, you could keep a check on how much you are putting yourself out there like on social platforms. And if situations get out of control then you are advised to reach out to the police or some related higher authority. 

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