How To Block Hot Tub Streamers On Twitch

During my research of Twich and their function I got to know that the number of streamers trying to approach platforms like Twitch utilising nearly anything to get some traction and financial stability is increasing along with the popularity of live-streaming.

Although the site focuses on gaming, it also offers a wide range of genres, including broadcasts for uncommon games and in-real-life (IRL) streaming.With an image of a beach chair, the Hot Tub streamers are included under the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category. You may access the category’s main page, which lists all of the streamers who are currently active in this directory, by selecting this.

At the top of the new page, there are options to Follow, Block, and Hide Thumbnails of this Category. When looking through other Twitch broadcasts, you won’t see this category if you choose to “Block.” It should be emphasised, though, that searching for this particular category will still result in the presentation of these streams; in other words, it does not deter intentional browsing into restricted regions.

While so-called hot tub broadcasters look to be a passing phenomenon on Twitch, the practise will not go away quickly enough for some. As a result, it may be essential to block, hide, or otherwise remove them from your suggestions. Here’s how to stop watching hot tub streamers on Twitch.

How Do You Block Hot Tub Streamers On Twitch By Saying You’re “Not Interested?”

How Do You Block Hot Tub Streamers On Twitch By Saying You’re “Not Interested?”

Twitch includes a built-in feature for concealing broadcasts that you won’t be interested in. However, there is currently no fool proof way to restrict all forms of content on Twitch, and a broadcaster who appears on the Front Page can still bypass your Not Interested list.

At any moment, you may examine and delete items from your Not Interested list by going to your Profile, choosing Settings, and then Recommendations. You can uncheck any of the streams or categories that you wish to view again.

  • This is possible from the Twitch Front Page and the All Categories area, but not from anywhere else on the website.
  • To do so, browse to the Categories area on the Front Page or the All Categories page on Twitch, and then look for the Pools, Hot Tubs, & Beaches category. 
  • Select the Not Interested button with a crossed-out eye by clicking the three vertical dots at the side of the category. 
  • This will move it to your Not Interested list, and you will no longer be suggested these channels.

Following the actions outlined above will inform the Twitch algorithm that you want to opt out of the hot tub suggestions on the main page. Regardless of your preferences, Twitch may have a stream or two for you to watch. When this happens, you’ll need to repeat the procedures above for individual streamers rather than the entire category.

Exploring Category View In Twitch

Along with the popularity of live streaming, which is increasing, more streamers are trying to join platforms like Twitch by doing whatever it takes to gain attention and financial security. This includes the controversial Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and Seashores class that Twitch purportedly created in an effort to classify the burgeoning so-called “Jacuzzi broadcasters.”

Here is information on how to completely block the class on Twitch for individuals who do not need to watch these channels.Understanding how the Twitch directory categorises all broadcasts is critical to selecting the material you view.

You may block particular genres, such as the Call of Duty series or Pokémon, and not be shown any broadcasters who are playing such games. While signed in, you may browse the Twitch Directory and sift through all of the various categories, whether you want to sort by game type or broadcast type. Select the ‘IRL’ category from the Directory view.

How To Unblock A Category On Twitch

How To Unblock A Category On Twitch

Categories that didn’t appeal to you in the past are likely to capture your interest again if you continue to use Twitch. A new Minecraft update may completely change your view about watching Minecraft Twitch streams, and you’ll want the opportunity to change your mind. Once you know where to search, unblocking these categories is a straightforward task. 

  • Browse the Directory for the blocked category, open the directory listing, and click the ‘Unblock’ button where the word ‘Block’ appears.
  • Click the extension’s icon in your browser’s toolbar on any Twitch website and select Manage Blacklist. 
  • Click the Remove button next to the channel you want to unblock under Blacklisted Channels. 
  • Click the Clear button to unblock all banned Twitch channels. To save the modification, click the Save button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I block a streamer on Twitch?

Ans1. Yes, you may ban users by clicking on their username followed by the menu symbol with three vertical dots. Choose Block Username. A list of the people you’ve banned is always available in the Privacy section of your Security Settings page.

When you block someone on Twitch, they are no longer included in your list of followers and are no longer accessible in your friend list. They won’t be able to perform the following since this will cause them to vanish from your chat window. Whispers from a user who has blocked you won’t reach you.

Q2. Did Twitch ban hot tub streams?

Ans2. Yes, it’s true that Twitch has banned a hot tub broadcaster whose bikini broadcast went viral for exceeding the bounds of the site’s policies. When it came to trending topics in 2021, streaming hot tub content appeared to be the craze.

A brand-new category for these kinds of broadcasts was actually created by the site as a result of their extreme popularity. With the help of the purple platform, several well-known streamers started doing hot tub streaming and quickly racked up millions of followers.

Q3. Why does Twitch keep recommending hot tub streams?

Ans3. Despite Twitch’s restrictions prohibiting complete or partial nudity, its standards allow streamers to wear swimwear in “contextually acceptable contexts,” which has led to some streamers using hot tub shows as a platform to express themselves in more provocative attire.

Hot tub broadcasts might not be to your liking if you use Twitch just for game content, but you can free up a suggestion space by disabling the category.

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