How To Block Buyers On eBay

eBay merchants come across buyers who give positive responses and they are grateful for the products, but many times desired things don’t happen and they come across buyers who waste their time and are ungrateful. To avoid any future interactions with those, eBay allows merchants to block them. 

When you block buyers on eBay, they won’t be able to buy any of your products. It means, blocked users will be able to view your listings but they won’t see the buy it now options on your profile.

Blocking in eBay is different from blocking in social media accounts like WhatsApp and Facebook, eBay users are still able to contact you. Blocking on eBay is not an everyday occurrence and it should happen for strong reasons.   

Easy 3 Steps To Block An eBay Buyer

Easy 3 Steps To Block An eBay Buyer

Now, you have decided to block a buyer, you will need the eBay user id or email address of the buyer to start the blocking process. Just follow the given simple steps after getting the buyer’s details in hand. 

Step 1:- Go To The  Block Page

First, log in and then go to the Block bidders page from your list. If you haven’t explored the webpage then simply go to the ‘Help and Contact’ at the top of the eBay page and search for the ‘Block buyer’ option and click on the link. 

Step 2:- Enter The Username

Now, enter the user id or email address of the desired buyer whom you want to block. Be sure to add commas between user IDs, if you want to block more than one buyer. You can add up to  5000 users to the blocklist. You can also restore blocked users as the ‘Restore list’ option allows you to do so. 

Step 3:- Submit Blocked Users

After finishing copying usernames, click on ‘submit’ to save the block list. If you have entered all usernames correctly then you will get the message of successfully blocking the users and after blocking the users you can see them in the text box of the block bidders page. If you want to unblock a user you need to simply remove it from the list and click on submit option to save changes. 

Optional step:

If you want to block messages from the users then you need to visit the buyer requirements page and click on the site preference tab and then click on the box saying, ‘Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact me’ and done! Now your blocked users will not be able to contact you as they will not see the ‘Contact seller’ option in your listing. 

When Do You Need To Block An eBay Buyer?

Usually, eBay merchants get positive experiences from their buyers, but many times things don’t go well as per their desire and they come across some highly unprofessional buyers who simply waste the time and energy of the merchants. They even make fraudulent transactions. Some of the reasons to block an eBay buyer are:-

  • Non-payment or delayed payment of the purchase.
  • Negative interactions, sometimes including verbal abuse.
  • Backing out of bids often.
  • Competitors, who want to try your products. 

Alternatives To Try Before Blocking eBay Buyers

Blocking anyone on eBay is not an easy-going thing and it should not be endorsed as it affects sales, so try to follow the following alternatives before blocking buyers:-

  • Avoid any further bidding from those buyers with whom you had a bitter experience. 
  • Cancel unwanted bids.
  • Set buyers’ requirements. This will limit your interactions with buyers whom you don’t want to waste your time with. 
  • Report the buyer in question. It is better to report buyers who violate eBay’s policy. 
  • Make use of the resolution center and report any issue in the resolution center. 
  • Correct your transaction record. 
  • Approach everyone positively.   

Block eBay Buyers By Setting Up Requirements

You can set desired requirements to your eBay account which users need to fulfill before buying anything from your store. It will reduce the negative experiences with buyers. You should be very careful before setting up requirements as it will have a huge impact on your sales. On the requirement you can block certain buyers, some of the conditions are:-

1. They have a non-payment record in the past. 

2. They have breached some eBay policies previously. 

3. They have low feedback scores.

4. They have purchased a certain number of items in the last 10 days.

5. They have delivery addresses in the area where you don’t ship. 

If you want to implement some of the above criteria, you need to visit the buyers’ requirements page and set the desired requirements to save the changes.  

Block Buyers By Location

You can also block buyers who are located in a particular place. eBay allows this option to reduce shipping charges. Let’s say you want to avoid international shipping and you are ready to ship in domestic places then you can block international buyers.

Even in the States, you can wish to ship only in certain regions according to your ease. If you want to block users from a certain region, you can go to account settings and click on the shipping preference option.

Here, you can see the shipping location section, where you can exclude your desired locations by checking the relevant boxes. Excluding certain locations where you can’t afford the shipping is a smart idea.  

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