How To Block Ads On The Paramount Plus

Paramount plus is an on-demand video subscription platform that streams various shows. It is all cool and fun activity until the ads pop up and disrupt the entertainment. Want to use paramount plus ad-free, and are confused about how to do so, then don’t worry. In this article, you will get full information about blocking ads on paramount plus.  If you have either enabled ad blockers or disabled your pop-ups on the browser, chances are there that you will experience difficulties in streaming videos. Follow these instructions to block 

AdBlock in chrome:-

  • Click on the Ad-block icon, located in the top right corner of the browser. A drop-down menu will appear there.
  • Click on the Don’t run on pages option on the domain and a pop-up will appear after that. Now, click on exclude and then the page will refresh. 
  • If required, also refresh the Paramount +  page also. 

If you want to disable AdBlock Plus in Chrome, then follow these steps:-

  • Click on the menu icon of chrome from the toolbar of the browser.
  • Now, highlight the more tools menu option and select the extensions from the sub-menu option.
  • Now, uncheck the enabled box near the Adblock Plus entry.  

You need to allow pop-ups in the browser. If you are using chrome then you can allow displaying of pop-ups from the site, 

On the desktop, open the chrome browser and then follow the given steps. 

  • Select the address bar and click on the pop-up blocker. 
  • To always display pop-ups on the site, you can opt for any of the two options.
  1. Select Always show pop-ups from the site.
  2. Click on the menu in the top right corner of your browser and up to the settings. Now scroll to the privacy and settings and click on the site settings and select additional permissions and then choose pop-ups and redirects to add the site. 

If you are using Firefox then follow these steps to disable the AdBlock:-

  • Click on the menu bar and go to the options.
  • Select the privacy and security option and then go down to permissions.
  • Now, scroll to the block pop-ups option and uncheck the box to disable it. 
  • If you are still facing issues in playing content then clear the cookies and cache. 

If you are using Microsoft Edge then follow these steps to disable the AdBlock:-

  • Click on the more actions option and go to settings.
  • In settings, select cookies and go to site permissions, and scroll down to pop-ups and ads options.
  • Now uncheck the tab and make sure that they are turned off.

If you are using Safari then follow these steps to disable the AdBlock:-

  • Click on the menu bar and select the preferred option. 
  • Now, select the extensions button and all Installed extensions will appear. 
  • Now go to the AdBlock/AdBlock Plus in the left pane.
  • Now turn off the AdBlock option. 

However, it is always advisable to buy the premium version of the paramount plus to enjoy ad-free video streaming. Apart from ad-free streaming, you will also get several other benefits including free downloads of videos as well. 

Is There Any Other Way To Block Ads On Paramount Plus?

Is There Any Other Way To Block Ads On Paramount Plus?

If you want to block ads on Paramount plus then use Paramount plus skipper. It is an extension that helps to skip all intros, recaps, and also fast-forward ads while watching paramount plus. You just need to add Paramount + Skipper to your browser and it will automatically skip all intros and recaps, fast-forward ads and go to the next episode.  When you use Paramount plus skipper, you don’t need to buy Premium as it will automatically skip the skip button that appears on the screen while watching Paramount plus. 

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Ads On Paramount plus?

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Ads On Paramount plus?

To remove ads and use the premium version, you will have to upgrade your Paramount Plus Premium plan. The standard plan costs around $4.99 per month, where you will get Paramount Plus essential pack. This is the most basic plan and if you want to upgrade to ad-free streaming, you need to upgrade to the Paramount Plus Premium plan which costs around $9.99 per month.

They also provide annual offers and the paramount plus essential pack costs around $49.99 per year while the paramount plus premium one costs around $99.99 per year. It means the annual pack costs $4.17 per month for the essential pack and the annual pack costs $8.33 per month for the premium pack. Annual plans are relatively cheaper and long-lasting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I suddenly have ads on Paramount plus?

Ans1. If you don’t have a premium version of Paramount plus, you will get to see ads on your paramount plus. If you have a premium version then you will not get any ads. However, a few select shows stream 1-2 brief promotional ads due to their streaming rights.

Q2. Is Paramount plus worth no ads?

Ans2. It’s totally up to the user if it is worth it or not. If you use it frequently then you should switch to the premium version as it has lots of benefits including free downloading of videos.   

Q3. How can I watch Paramount Network without commercials?

Ans3. If you want to use Paramount Network without commercials then you need to upgrade to the premium version and it has different charges according to duration.  It depends on the choice of your pack. Either you can opt for a monthly pack or you can opt for an annual pack.

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