How To Block Ads On Hulu In Just 3 Easy Steps

Upcoming ads are a real pain whenever we’re watching our favorite Tv show or a movie. These days OTT platforms have clearly taken over the generic theatre. But while streaming a movie or a show in the comfort of your home and bed, you have to pay the price via ads popping up every now and then between the show. Hulu is one such platform and you really need to read this piece on how to block ads on Hulu if you’re a Hulu fan. 

The unrivaled answer for disposing of Hulu advertisements is by impeding or skipping them. There are numerous options for avoiding annoying ads. Sadly, not many people are aware of how to block or skip Hulu streaming site advertisements. Find out how to block ads below so you can watch your favorite TV show without being interrupted!

How to block ads on Hulu?

How to Block Ads on Hulu

You may be wondering how to block ads on Hulu if you are sick and tired of dealing with ads that are distracting and annoy you. Fortunately, you can try a variety of approaches. We will demonstrate the numerous ways to block ads on Hulu so that you can select the option that works best for you.

  1.  Adblock Plus: Because it is safe and free, AdBlock Plus is the most widely used ad blocker app. Any intrusive or malicious advertisement is restricted by this ad blocker. You won’t be interrupted while watching your shows with AdBlock Plus. AdBlock Plus works with Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.
  2. Adblock one: Ad Block One works with iOS, Chrome, Windows, and macOS. Ad Block One is an extension for blocking ads that also makes websites load faster and makes your computer safer. Firefox, Edge, and Chrome.
  3. Blockade: Using apps, you can effectively get rid of Hulu ads on your smartphone. Blokada is an Android third-party application that can block Hulu advertisements. Simply download and install the Blokada app to take advantage of its features. Tap Blacklist when the downloaded application is open. When you tap “Goodbye ads,” Hulu ads will immediately be blocked.
  4. Reload the Hulu program page: The Hulu Program page is one more method for managing promotions. However, it only shortens them, not eliminates them.
  • A small “Ad” banner with the duration of the advertisement will appear whenever a commercial airs.
  • Simply pause the program on your web browser or another device and tap to enter again if you don’t want to watch it all.
  • This ends the longer advertisement and opens a shorter one.


Although it may shorten the duration of ads, this method does not completely eliminate them. However, lowering the ad time may require at least two tries at times.

  1. Hulu ad skipper: Hulu Ad Skipper is exclusive to Hulu. Users can stream without interruption thanks to this free browser plugin that removes ads. It mutes and fast-forwards advertisements that other blockers might miss, detecting them. Additionally, it allows Hulu+ Live recordings to skip ads.
  2. Refresh the page: an ad can be shortened by simply refreshing the page at the time it pops up. It’s true that the technique doesn’t actually get rid of the ads. Instead, it makes the length shorter.

You are aware that the length of Hulu ads depends on how long the videos are. Ads have a higher likelihood of appearing every four minutes, which can be irritating while you wait for the streaming video or movie. You don’t have to watch all of the ads if you refresh the page.

  1. Take a subscription: The purchase of a Premium version of Hulu is the final and most important method for blocking Hulu ads. You are aware that the premium version does not display ads while you are watching the movie.

In addition, you can personalize your experience with a wide range of services in this version. The Hulu Premium subscription costs $11.99 per month. The premium version effectively removes long advertisements from your Hulu, so the price is reasonable and well worth it.

Things you should know

Hulu is a video streaming service that lets you watch a huge collection of amazing movies, documentaries, and television shows. However, you will be interrupted by a lot of commercials even if you use its basic plan, which costs more than $6.99 per month. Nobody prefers promotion-upheld content. Waiting for those advertisements to end so you can move on to enjoying the movie is downright disheartening in movies. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does Hulu allow AdBlock?

Hulu allows you to block ads by taking a subscription to the application or by upgrading the plan to premium. 

Q.2 Is Hulu no longer ad-free?

Hulu is ad-free if you’ve taken a premium subscription. 

Q.3 Why Hulu has so many ads?

Hulu has introduced ads in its app in between the shows because Hulu is getting revenue from those apps. Like every other streaming platform, it has commercialized its content and has started earning through the application. 


While digital media has become our prime source of entertainment in this era, streaming services take the top position in the list. Hulu is loved by many and those people do not wish to have any interruptions when it comes to streaming their favorite shows.

Imagine a climax has to occur and the next thing you know is you’re watching which toothpaste is recommended by dentists. To avoid such unsolicited suggestions, you are free to try the above-mentioned methods to block ads on Hulu. 

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