How To Block A Sound On Tiktok

Sounds” are an important part of a lot of TikTok’s most popular videos and the inspiration for many trends. Sounds can be taken from popular songs or from interviews or memes that have gone viral outside of TikTok, like Miranda Cosgrove’s March sound, “I actually do cuss a little.”

But sometimes, they are truly annoying and when you try to block them Everything comes down to the enigmatic TikTok algorithm. So, let’s know the best way to block sound on Tik tok and make proper use of algo this time!

What Is Tiktok ?

TikTok is an online video-sharing social networking service. It lets people add music and lip-sync videos of three to fifteen seconds, as well as videos that loop for three to sixty seconds. They might talk about things like dances, facts, life hacks, and recipes. It is popular all over the world, including in Canada, the United States, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Russia. was its initial name before it was acquired and given the new name TikTok.

TikTok was invented by ByteDance. It was released in September 2016 and was the most downloaded app in the United States in October 2018. As of October 2021, Tiktok has 2 billion users.

Can You Block A Sound On Tiktok?

Can You Block A Sound On Tiktok?

Yes, you can definitely block a particular sound, song, audio clip, etc. that you do not wish to hear anymore on TikTok. It is an easy task and can be done in a few steps. Often, some songs go viral on Tiktok which makes them appear in a lot of videos and short videos. It is fun to watch a few Tiktoks featuring the same song but when it gets too frequent, you surely feel annoyed by that sound and we totally get it. Hence, we have come to tell you that this issue is now to be resolved with very few simple steps. You can get rid of any annoying sound in a matter of minutes. 

How Do I Block A Sound On Tiktok?

It’s all about letting TikTok know what you want. Additionally, TikTok will eventually figure out why you don’t like a particular sound or piece of music in a video. By pressing the flag that indicates you are not interested in it, you can speed up the process by which the app filters certain sounds from your feed.

You can use a workaround to reduce the frequency with which videos using that sound appear on TikTok.

Step 1: Search for the video whose sound you don’t like after opening the TikTok app on your phone’s home screen.

Step 2: Long-press the middle part of the video once you’ve found it on TikTok until a white pop-up menu appears.

Step 3: There are five choices on that pop-out menu: Save Video, Add to Favorites, Clear Mode, Report, and “Not interested” are some of the options. Tap “Not interested” as your sole complaint is the video’s accompanying sound. TikTok will remove that video from your feed automatically.

Step 4: Simply repeat steps 1 through 3 whenever another TikTok video with that particular sound appears on your screen. Keep going through the steps above until the algorithm of TikTok realises that you don’t like that particular sound.

TikTok will eventually send fewer videos with that sound, eventually stopping all together.

So, just follow the steps above whenever you see another jumbled video on your feed with a sound that doesn’t suit you.

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