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v9.com is a browser hijacker and although this tool is not a computer infection, it is able to make it possible for hackers to infiltrate malicious viruses into your computer. This poses a risk to your information and system and can lead to identity and money theft. Because of these serious consequences it is recommended that you do not keep v9.com on your PC.

How is v9.com dowloaded?

v9.com is usually transferred to computers without the knowledge of the users and people often do not notice that a new add-on is being attached to their browsers. Then they think the program has been installed automatically. In fact, it has asked the user to approve the installation and after that it has finished the process.

This is why computer users have to be really careful when downloading programs from unknown sources because potentially unwanted programs may come attached to the new tools. Always check the reputation of the pages from which you download programs and files. In this way you can avoid serious computer infections and problems.


What does this hijacker do?

However, if v9.com has already managed to make it to your PC, you will notice that this tool has changed your browser’s settings. The add-on makes its own web site your home page and also makes itself your default search engine. The provider manages all your searches and keeps taking you to third-party web pages.

Most of the time the sites to which you are taken have nothing to do with what you want to find. In fact, these sites are not only useless but they can even pose a serious risk to your computer and information. In case that any of these pages are compromised, you will immediately become a victim of severe hackers’ attacks. Trojan horses, malware, spyware, scamware and other viruses will be infiltrated into your PC and you will be unable to protect your system and information.

Moreover, v9.com displays pop-up messages and advertisements which can also take you to sites with an unknown reputation. Clicking on an unreliable link can be the reason for fatal computer infections.

What to do if this virus is on your computer?

There is no doubt that he presence of v9.com on your PC can lead to serious problems. This is why security specialists classify this toolbar as a potentially unwanted program and recommend that you remove it from your computer as soon as possible. To get rid of this application you need to follow a reliable removal guide and make sure all files connected with this tool are deleted.

It is also really important to check your system for malicious intruders and infected files. To do that, you need to download a reliable and reputable security application and run a full scan of your system with it. We advise you to use the automatic malware detection tool SpyHunter because it has already proven its effectiveness in detecting and completely removing system threats.

How to remove v9.com?

To delete v9.com follow the steps described below. They will help you remove the toolbar completely from your PC. Also, this guide will show you how to download SpyHunter and check your system for unwanted intruders with it.

Use this guide to remove v9.com:

  1. Open the settings of your browser and go to the add-ons list to remove v9.com.
  2. Go to the Control Panel and uninstall v9.com completely from your PC using the Uninstall a Program option.
  3. Click here to download SpyHunter.
  4. Install the AV tool and check your whole system for infected files and intruders. If there are any, make sure you remove all of them completely with SpyHunter.

How to protect your PC from future attacks of hackers?

To be sure your information is safe and your computer will not be attacked by cyber criminals in the future, keep SpyHunter on your PC. Schedule regular scans of your system with this automatic malware detection tool. It will detect and stop any attackers on time, before they have managed to penetrate into your system and steal your sensitive information. Also, be careful when installing new programs on your PC. Do not download applications or files from unknown or unreliable sources.

To protect your system from being infected, do not open spam email messages. In case that you do not know who and why has sent you a particular email message, delete the message immediately. Avoid visiting pages with a questionable reputation. While you are surfing the net you can land on malicious sites which are aimed at infecting your system and stealing your personal and financial details.

If you follow these principles, your information and system will be protected, your details will not be stolen by hackers and your PC will not crash unexpectedly.
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