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Qv06 is a browser hijacker which can cause serious security and computer problems if left on your PC. The intruder makes numerous changes to your browser’s settings and makes itself your default search engine. As a result of these modifications, you start being redirected to unknown and probably insecure pages which can lead to serious computer infections and attacks of cyber criminals.

How does qv06 work?

Qv06 is attached to freeware software and thus sometimes it can enter PCs without being noticed by their users. Once the toolbar is downloaded to your computer, it is immediately attached to your browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome – this hijacker will not have problems to be installed on any of these browsers.

Qv06 makes qv06.com your default search provider. This engine seems to be a reliable provider which can be used by people to search for images, videos and news on the Internet. The layout of the site looks similar to this of google.com and promises to provide reliable results.

Screenshot of Qv06 homepage

Qv06 homepage screenshot

However, if you have to use this search provider, you will soon notice that it constantly redirects you to pages with suspicious intentions that have nothing to do with your initial search criteria. Moreover, while you are browsing the net you will be bombarded with numerous pop-up messages and advertisements. In case that you click on some of these notifications, you will be immediately taken to unknown pages that belong to third parties with suspicious intentions.

As you can see, the presence of qv06 on your PC can be not only annoying. This intruder can become the reason for fatal system infections. By redirecting you to sites with malicious intentions qv06 can make it possible for cyber criminals to compromise your computer with malware, spamware, spyware and other viruses and then steal your information and money.

What you have to do to stop potential attacks of cyber criminals is remove qv06 completely from your computer and change your search provider to a reliable and effective engine.

How to remove qv06?

To get rid of qv06 successfully, we recommend that you use the guide shown below. Our team of security specialists confirm that these steps delete the hijacker completely. Also, we advise you to use an automatic malware detection tool to scan your system for other malicious intruders and remove them if there are any. Use reliable security software like SpyHunter to check for infected files and remove them successfully.

Follow these steps to remove qv06:

1. Open your browser and go to the settings’ tab. Open the list with add-ons and disable qv06.
2. Open the Control Panel and then go to the Uninstall a Program option. Remove qv06.
3. Change your search provider from qv06.com to a reputable engine (like google.com, for example).
4. Choose a reliable home page.
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