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Qone8 toolbar is a malicious hijacker, which is hard to be removed from your browser if once installed on your PC. Although you may not want to have this extension attached to your browser, the intruder is able to enter into your system without your consent and permission. This program is really annoying, but, at the same time, it also poses a serious risk to your system and information and it is even able to lead to infecting your PC with harmful viruses. There are different reasons why you may want to uninstall this intruder from your PC, but the main one is that as long as it is present on your computer, your system is vulnerable to attacks of hackers and you may become a victim of identity and money theft. Because of this, it is recommended that you remove Qone8 adware immediately and completely and you stop using its services.

How is Qone8 transferred to computers?

Qone8 is known to be often downloaded to computers bundled with freeware software like Extended Protection, Omiga-Plus, Desk 365, eSave Security Control and also other applications. When you download to your PC some unknown application, even though it may seem to be a reliable and effective tool, it can be transferred to your computer together with the potentially unwanted program Qone8.

What does Qone8 toolbar do?

As soon as this add-on is transferred to your PC, it is attached to your installed browsers. For example, if you have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your PC, the extension is added to them without any difficulties. As a result, your home page is changed to Start.qone8.com or Qone8.com. Also, this engine is made your default search provider. All your online searches are made with the help of this tool and you are unable to use some other engine. Moreover, when you open your browser, one of these two web pages, which are known to be the official sites of Qone8, is loaded. If you try to change your home page to another site, this turns out to be a really difficult, if not impossible task. If you have Qone8 hijacker on your computer, it redirects all your online traffic to suspicious pages and replaces your search results with links to unknown web sites. In this way, Qone8.com turns out to be not only annoying, but also a really risky application.


Is Qone8 a harmful program?

Qone8 toolbar is known to be a potentially unwanted program and this is why it is not recommended to have this intruder on your PC. This is not a computer virus, but still it poses a serious risk to your information and sensitive details and makes it possible for cyber criminals to penetrate into your computer and steal your money and identity. Because of the serous and even fatal problems that may be caused by the presence of Qone8 on your PC, it is strongly recommended by security specialists that you remove the add-on immediately and completely from the system.

How to remove Qone8 hijacker?

To protect your PC and information from potential attacks of hackers, it is advised to remove Qone8 toolbar from your computer. Also, you need to change your home page to some reliable web site. Moreover, do not use the services provided by Qone8 to make Internet searches. Change your search provider to a reliable site and do not use Qone8 to search for images, videos or information on the Internet. Only in this way you can stop the annoying redirects caused by the hijacker.
To remove Qone8 toolbar and also make all of these changes to your browser, you need to follow a removal guide which is suitable to your browser and will effectively remove the add-on from it. Use the steps of the instructions shown below. Also, download SpyHunter to clean your system from infected files and viruses.

Choose an appropriate guide and follow its steps to remove Qone8:

First of all, you need to clean your whole system with a reliable automatic removal tool like SpyHunter to detect any computer threats and delete all of them without leaving any pieces of them on your PC. We recommend using this security application as it has proven its effectiveness in detecting and deleting viruses completely.

1. Download SpyHunter and install it on your PC.
2. Run a full scan of your system with this AV program and check all essential locations of your computer to detect any threats and compromised files.
3. If there are any infected files, remove all of them completely.
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For Google Chrome:
1. In the right corner click on the drop-down menu and go to Settings.
2. Under “On startup” go to Set pages.

3. In the new windows that has appeared, go to the entry which contains the name of the hijacker in the URL and click on the X sign.

4. Go back to Settings. Under “Appearance” tick the option “Show Home button and click Change.

5. Choose the “Use the New Tab page” option and to save the changes click OK.
6. In Settings, under Search, choose Manage Search Engines.
7. Remove the hijacker from the search engines selected by clicking on the X sign.
8. Choose a reliable search provider.
9. Right click on the Google Chrome shortcut icon and choose Parameters.
10. Go to the tab Shortcut and in the Target field delete “http://start.qone8.com”. Save the modifications.


For Internet Explorer:

1. Open Tools and in the drop-down menu choose Manage add-ons.

2. Go to “Add-on types” and choose Search Providers. Choose the engine you want to use and click Set as default.


3. Delete the hijacker from the list by right-clicking on it and choosing delete from the menu displayed.
4. Right click on the Internet Explorer shortcut icon and choose Properties.
5. Go to the tab Shortcut and in the Target field delete “http://start.qone8.com”. Save the modifications.

6. Go to Tools and open “Internet Options” to choose a new home page. Go to the General tab and type the web site you want to use for a home page.


For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Type about:config in the search bar of your browser and press Enter.
2. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” on the warning displayed.

3. Type the name of the hijacker in the search box.
4. In the list with preferences displayed, click on all the preferences that contain the name of the hijacker, then choose Reset.

5. Right click on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut icon and choose Properties.
6. Go to the tab Shortcut and in the Target field delete “http://start.qone8.com”. Save the modifications.


Check if Qone8 hijacker has been removed successfully and completely

In order to make sure that Qone8 toolbar has been deleted completely from your PC, it is recommended that you run a system scan with an automatic malware detection tool. This will help you establish if there are any compromised files on your computer or files left from Qone8 hijacker. This step is really important and in case that you do not scan your system, some pieces of infections may be left on the computer and hackers may still have access to your sensitive information. On the contrary, if you use a reliable security application, this will show you that your PC and details are protected from potential attacks of cyber criminals.

*SpyHunter's free scanner is only for malware detection. If it detects malicious software on your computer, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware tool to remove the detected threats.

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