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Mystart.incredibar.com is a search provider that is often seen as your search engine and home page if you install MyStart Incredibar. In case that you are not sure if this application is an intruder or not, you have to know that this is not a virus. However, it is considered to be a potentially unwanted program and it can pose a risk to your information and system. This is why it is recommended that you delete this software from your computer as soon as possible and you stop using mystart.incredibar.com.

What you have to know about mystart.incredibar.com?

Mystart.incredibar.com is often made your default search provider and home page after downloading and installing MyStart Incredibar on your PC. Although you may not know how this browser add-on has been transferred and installed on your PC, you have to be aware that apart from downloading this plug-in from its official web site, you can also get it on your PC together with freeware software. In this case, you may not notice when MyStart Incredibar has asked you to allow its installation. This extension can be added to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

mystart.incredibar.com homepage, mystart.incredibar.com website

Mystart.incredibar.com Homepage

How does mystart.incredibar.com work?

Once MyStart Incredibar is installed on your browser, it changes your settings. This is how mystart.incredibar.com is made your default search engine and it is set as your home page.

After this provider has taken control over your searches, it starts displaying not only web links which are relevant to your search criteria. There are also sponsored web links shown together with the other results. When you click on some of these links, you will be probably redirected to a third-party web page. This can have really serious security consequences.

Due to the fact that MyStart Incredibar cannot check the reliability of all the pages to which it takes you, you may land on an unknown or even malicious web site. The reputation of sites to which you are taken may turn out to be bad and you may even be redirected to pages created by hackers to spread harmful computer viruses.

Malware, scamware, spyware, ransomware and other serious viruses may be infiltrated into your computer after you have been unexpectedly taken to a compromised web page. In case that your system is infected, there will be numerous computer problems caused by the infection. You may lose the information stored on the PC, the whole system may be locked and you may even experience a fatal system crash. As you can see, all of the problems caused by a potential computer infection are really serious and you should not allow cyber criminals to gain access to your PC.

Moreover, when MyStart Incredibar is attached to your browser and mystart.incredibar.com is made your default search provider, numerous pop-up messages will be displayed while you are browsing the net. Apart from annoying, these notifications and advertisements can be really harmful. Links to third-party web sites are included in these messages and if you click on any of these links, you may be again redirected to pages with unknown intentions.

There are also other reasons why MyStart Incredibar turns out to pose a risk to your security. If you have a closer look at the Privacy Policy of this software, you will notice that it is free to collect your sensitive information in order to provide its services. This is what the Privacy Policy statement says:

Perion may collect Information when you interact with the Perion Services, depending on how you use the Perion Services, the Information, may include:

Registration-related information (such as name, home or work addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, birth date or gender);
d) Transaction-related information (such as credit card or other preferred means of payment, (that we maintain in encrypted form on industry secure servers), billing or shipping information, or a history of products purchased through the Perion Services; …

As you can see yourself, MyStart Incredibar is free to collect your personal and financial details, credit card and bank account numbers, login credentials and any other sensitive information it needs. Also, this software may trace your browsing history and monitor the pages you visit. Although this tool is not malicious and it is not a computer virus, its work can pose a serious risk to all your private information.

In case that, by any chance, the details gathered by MyStart Incredibar are disclosed to third parties, this may turn into a serious security problems. Your information may be used for malicious purposes and it may help cyber criminals make a profit. Moreover, if your information is stolen by hackers, you may become a victim of credit card and identity theft and if this happens, you will be unable to take your money and details back and stop hackers from using them.

Having all of this in mind, security specialists warn computer users to remove MyStart Incredibar from their PCs and stop using Mystart.incredibar.com. Only in this way people can be sure that their sensitive information will not be disclosed to third parties without their permission and their computers will be fully protected.

How to remove Mystart.incredibar.com?

To delete MyStart Incredibar and stop using Mystart.incredibar.com follow the removal steps described below. They are tested by a team of security specialist and delete the add-on successfully. Moreover, we advise you to download a reliable AV program and scan your whole system with it. Use an effective security tool like SpyHunter to check your system for infected files and attackers.

Follow these steps to delete MyStart Incredibar and stop using Mystart.incredibar.com:

  1. Open your browser. Go to the settings tab and open the list with add-ons. Disable MyStart Incredibar from it.
  2. Open the Start menu, go to the Control Panel. Open the Uninstall a Program feature, find MyStart Incredibar and remove it.
  3. Change your home page to a reliable web site.
  4. Choose a reputable and effective search provider and make it your default engine.

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