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Tuesday, March 13th 2012 under Security by

Hackers have created a new kind of malicious attackers that penetrate into users` computers without the knowledge of their owners. The most interesting thing is that even after the intruder has managed to get inside the targeted system, the deceitful application does not reveal its presence. On the contrary, it stays hidden and tries to accomplish its fraudulent plan from inside the infected computer.

This is the case with one of the latest creations of cyber criminals – Ad.yieldmanager.com. This is a tracking cookie. Ad.yieldmanager.com is created to keep track of the user’s activities and send information about the user’s habits to hackers. As you can see, if your computer is infected with this malicious attacker, hackers will be able to collect information about the web sites that you visit, as well as other details about your browsing preferences.

Cookies are used from web sites to store information about users` browsing history and preferences. This information is later used to facilitate users and make browsing and surfing the Internet easier. Cookies are used to save log in details of the user, custom settings, etc. Unlike ordinary cookies, those created by hackers are aimed at collecting detailed information about the browsing preferences and habits of PC users and sending this information back to cyber criminals. Once hackers receive information about web pages visited by a targeted PC user, as well as any log in details and passwords he uses, cyber criminals are ready to misuse this information in order to gain personal profit.

After the information has been collected by Ad.yieldmanager.com, hackers will be able to share it across different domains. Moreover, cyber criminals will be able to send the collected information to third parties and try to make a fortune. In other words, the malicious cookie Ad.yieldmanager.com is trying to steal your personal information, and then use it in a dishonest way. In order to be able to gather information about your log in details and passwords, Ad.yieldmanager.com uses a technique called cross-site scripting. Even if you want to open a reliable and legitimate web link, Ad.yieldmanager.com is able to mislead you. The fraudulent intruder will create a hyperlink that looks like the one you want to visit. However, the truth is that this hyperlink has nothing to do with the web link you have initially typed into your browser. This hyperlink will be able to gain access to your log in information and passwords, and collect them.

If you become a victim of Ad.yieldmanager.com, you will notice many pop-up messages that warn you about the severe infection Ad.yieldmanager.com. This is a Trojan-based infection. After Ad.yieldmanager.com has sneaked into a targeted PC, it poses a risk at its whole system. This malicious intruder can make it possible for other attackers to try to enter into your system. Furthermore, Ad.yieldmanager.com is able to hijack your browser and take you to malicious web sites that promote fake programs aimed at taking your money.
If you become a victim of the deceitful attacker Ad.yieldmanager.com, remove it as soon as you can. Otherwise, your computer will be in danger.

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