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What is lollipop.exe?
lollipop.exe is a malicious and definitely unwanted computer process. In case that this executable file is running on your computer, you will notice it in the Task Manager. Do not think that it is a legitimate process because it is not. On the contrary, this executable file is created by hackers to activate dangerous viruses on your computer and start other harmful processes.
In case that lollipop.exe is running in your PC, you have to know that cyber criminals have targeted your machine and soon Trojan horses, malware, spyware, keyloggers and other infections will be downloaded to your computer through vulnerabilities in the system. In case that this happens, all your information will be targeted by online criminals and soon stolen without your permission or knowledge. This you should not allow to happen.

How has lollipop.exe come to your PC?

To enter your system without being caught, lollipop.exe uses security holes. In case that you have received a spam email with a suspicious attachment and you have opened it, then lollipop.exe may have used it to be downloaded and installed on your PC. Also, this executable file can come to machines attached to compromised or fake software. Moreover, it can be transferred o your PC directly from web pages developed by cyber criminals to spread spyware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, malware, rogueware and other computer viruses to vulnerable machines. Usually, if this file is detected on your computer, it can be found in the Application Data folder in the %USERPROFILE% directory. However, you should be aware that lollipop.exe comes to your computer with other infections and to clean your machine you have to remove not only this file, but also any other intruders completely.

These are some of the malicious intruders that may be downloaded to your computer together with lollipop.exe:

Vista Defender 2013
XP Antivirus Pro 2013
Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013

Know that if these attackers are not removed as soon as possible, they can download other serious infections to your PC. Ransomware viruses, keyloggers, spyware and rogueware intruders may be installed on your computer and you may find your machine unresponsive to your commands. This is why, you have to remove lollipop.exe and any other infections from the system before it has become too late.

How to remove lollipop.exe?

To get rid of lollipop.exe and also detect and delete any other compromised or malicious files, it is recommended that you use a reliable and effective AV program to be sure any intruders are found and deleted completely. Use a reputable security tool like SpyHunter to be sure your computer will be cleaned and protected from future attacks of cyber criminals.
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