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In case that you see that your browser is acting funny, this may turn out to be a clear sign that your browser has been hijacked. You have to be aware of what exactly the word “hijacked” means. This is an attack of spyware or unwanted programs that may result in downloading redirect viruses to your PC. If you have an unwanted application on your computer, or PUA, you will see the program on your PC, but the presence of the intruder may also result in a series of serious security problems. For example, let’s have a look at Delta-search.com redirect.

What is Delta-search.com?

The first time I saw it on my PC I thought it was a search engine with own methods for indexing web pages, but this was not true. It turned out that this page used Yahoo! Search API to display search results. This engine first takes your search results to yhs.delta-search.com and then ad-sponsored, and finally it uses results from Yahoo! Search. The final results of this search engine are numerous sponsored links on top and then results suggested by Yahoo. You do not need to use this search engine as you can use Yahoo! itself. Moreover, this will help you stop the pop-up advertisements displayed together with your search results. Also, we are not aware if these pop-up messages can protect you from scam software and computer viruses. Furthermore, Delta-search.com modifies your home page, offers you other search engines, it changes your browser’s preferences and bombards you with pop-up advertisements. There is even more this search engine could do. There are cases when even though you have removed the toolbar, your browser is still hijacked. If you wonder why, this is due to the fact that the add-on modifies the Windows registry entries and every time your system is booted, default values in the registry are changed.

How did you get hijacked by the Delta-search.com search redirect?

There are different ways in which you can get this browser add-on on your PC without knowing what it does. Usually, Delta-search.com and other search engines similar to it are transferred to computers together with free programs, codecs, program updates, etc. There are many applications that do not state they will also download to the computer other software, browser add-ons or toolbars. This way of spreading unwanted applications is seen very often, and it cannot be stopped.

How to remove Delta-search.com?

I would strongly advise you to remove toolbars and free software you have installed lately because there is a great chance that Delta-search.com has come with one of them. Even if you do not find a toolbar called Delta Search or Delta Toolbar, check for Babylon, Whitesmoke or Yontoo toolbar. After you remove the add-ons, make sure you restore your browser settings. You have to save your bookmarks and keep your browsing history before restoring your default search engine settings.
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Follow the removal instructions to get rid of Delta-search.com:

  1. The first thing you have to do is download a reliable and effective security application. It will remove viruses from your computer. The next step is to go through the removal instructions below to get rid of any pieces left from the adware.
  2. Delete Delta-search.com toolbar and search engine and also get rid of applications connected with this program. To do that go to the Add/Remove Programs control panel (for Windows XP) or to the Uninstall a program panel (for Windows 7 and Windows 8).

For Windows XP:

Go to the Start MenuControl Panel and then select Add/Remove Programs.

For Windows Vista and Win 7:

Go to the Start MenuControl Panel and then select Uninstall a Program.

For Win 8:

Option 1: Go with your mouse to the right corner of the screen, then select Search and find your “Control Panel”.
Option 2: Click with the right button of your mouse on the Start Menu and choose Control Panel.
When you open the Control Panel, and the Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program window is displayed, find in the list with programs and remove the following:

  • BrowserProtect
  • Yontoo
  • Delta Toolbar
  • Delta

To remove these programs, select each one of them and then choose Remove. For Windows Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 choose Uninstall. Then, close the window.

How to remove Delta-search.com from Google Chrome:

  1. Go to the Customize and control Google Chrome icon. Select Tools and then Settings.
    Choose Set pages.
  2. Click on the “X” sign to get rid of Delta-search.com.
  3. Click on the Home button → Change.
    Choose Use the New Tap page and then choose OK.
  4. Open Manage Search Engines
    Choose a search engine you would like to use as your default search engine (like Google, etc.).
  5. Then, select Delta search and remove it. To do that click on the “X” sign.

How to remove Delta-search.com from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Go to the Delta Search icon and then choose Manage Search Engines…
  2. In the list displayed find Delta search and choose Remove, then click OK.
  3. Open Tools, then choose Options.
  4. Go to the General tab and there change the home page to google.com.
  5. In the URL address bar type about:config and then press Enter. To continue, click I’ll be careful, I promise!
  6. In the filter type “delta-search” (without the quotation marks).
  7. After you do that, all the settings modified by Delta Search should be displayed. To Reset settings, right-click on them and then choose Reset. You have to reset all preferences!

How to remove Delta-search.com from Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Tools and then choose Manage Add-ons.
  2. Choose Search Providers and then choose a provider different from Delta Search.
  3. Click on Delta Search and then choose the Remove option.
  4. Open Tools, then open Internet Options and go to the General tab. Choose a page different from yhs.delta-search.com (like google.com, for example). To save the changes, click OK.
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