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Thursday, December 6th 2012 under Security by

MyStart is a browser hijacker that is transferred to computers together with other programs or bogus software updates. It comes as an optional download, but users often do not notice its presence and the browser extension is installed by default. This is when problems start. As soon as this toolbar has managed to penetrate into your system and attach itself to your browser, it starts making dramatic changes to your search engine. No matter if you have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC, there is no problem for the intruder to take control over your browser.

This suspicious browser add-on is not a virus, but its intentions are unclear. If it is present on your computer, MyStart immediately changes your search engine to itself and sets IncrediBarGames.com as your default home page. All of these modifications are made without asking for your permission. There are also other versions of MyStart detected on computers: essential and music edition. All of these versions come together with other software like Dr. CleanUp, PhotoJoy, etc.

MyStart by Incredibar redirects your searches to its own web page. Without asking or taking your search criteria under consideration, it also takes you to other suspicious and probably malicious pages that may have been developed by cyber criminals to compromise your PC and steal your money and information. Your computer becomes vulnerable to attacks of scamware, malware, ransomware and other dangerous and really harmful creations of cyber criminals.

What is more, MyStart can produce pop-up warnings and advertisements that will also take you to insecure sites or try to involve you in hackers’ pay-per-click system. Your PC will be attacked by keyloggers and other infections and it will be really difficult for you to protect your PC or information.

There is no question that MyStart has to be removed immediately from your browser and computer. Otherwise, you risk losing your personal details and finding that all your money has been stolen from your bank account. You also have to check your system carefully for any compromised files. This can be done manually, but it would take time, and unless you are an expert with computers, it is not recommended to choose this option. Instead, you can remove any suspicious or threatening files automatically with a genuine AV program. You can download SpyHunter and install it only in a few minutes. It does not require much space. The next step is to scan your files with this program in order to remove all intruders completely and successfully.
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