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Wednesday, December 5th 2012 under Security by

V9 Redirect Virus is a browser extension that comes to computers and attaches itself to search engines. It changers the defaults home page and takes control over your search results. What is more, it is really difficult to get rid of this intruder as it is not detected by all security programs. However, it is essential to delete the tool because it poses a serious risk to your information and PC.

When this browser add-on enters your system, it immediately takes control over your current browser. Regardless of the fact that you are using Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, this malicious redirect virus is able to manipulate your search engine. In fact, this is exactly what this unwanted application does. Without asking for your approval, it changes your home page to v9.com.

Moreover, every time you search for some information online, you are taken to v9.com or some other pages that have nothing to do with your initial search criteria. The worst thing about unknown pages is that they are insecure. If a site is not well-known and its reliability is not proven, it is much likely that it is one of the creations of cyber criminals developed to promote and spread bogus and harmful computer viruses.

When V9 Redirect Virus takes you to insecure, and unknown pages, this makes it highly possible for dangerous creations of hackers to enter your machine and compromise it. If this happens, your information and system will be attacked by scamware, malware and rasnomware intruders, all of which will be aimed at stealing your personal and financial details and sending them to cyber criminals. This is exactly what hackers want – they are aimed at stealing your money and gaining access to your bank account and credit card.

The annoying pop-up messages that are displayed by V9 Redirect Virus also wait for you to click on them in order to take you to insecure pages that promote scam software, compromised updates or misleading deals. What is more, this redirect virus keeps an eye on your browsing history and any information you enter on different web pages. It works as a keylogger and sends all your passwords and online account credentials to hackers.

Without any doubt, V9 Redirect Virus has to be removed immediately. The best way to clean your computer is to use a reliable AV program and scan your system with it. You can download SpyHunter, which is a trustworthy and effective security tool, and it will remove the hijacker now.
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