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Rimuovere Blekko Redirect

Thursday, November 1st 2012 under Security by

Blekko Redirect is another malicious browser hijacker that attacks your search engine and takes your search result to Blekko.com. This is a web page used by cyber criminals to promote bogus and deceitful software aimed at stealing your money and gathering your personal and financial details for malicious purposes. In case that Blekko.com search results display unknown online ads and pop-up messages, know that you have to ignore them. Otherwise, you may become a victim of identity and money theft.

Sometimes users do not even realize how Blekko Redirect search toolbar comes to their computers. Most often, it is downloaded together with scam applications, illegal program updates or malicious codecs. As soon as Blekko Redirect has gained access to your machine, it modifies your browser settings and sets your homepage to Blekko.com. This helps hackers redirect you to compromised web sites created to spread bogus and harmful applications. Dangerous programs developed by hackers to make a profit are always presented as reliable and even necessary applications. This is why users can easily be beguiled into downloading some really dangerous programs that, once transferred to the targeted machine, will do anything possible to take control over the whole system and steal money and information from the user of the machine. Then, all of the details collected will be sent to hackers straight away and used by them without the knowledge or permission of the victim.

What is even worse is that Blekko redirect does not only redirect your searches to malicious pages. Its main aim is to block your access to other sites different from Blekko.com and to literally cut your access to the online world. It wants to make Blekko.com the only page you can access so you cannot find any information about the attacker. Also, you will be constantly bombarded with malicious advertisements and pop-up messages. Drive-by-downloads are also used to transfer scam software to the infected machine. Bookmarks are attacked, and favorite web pages are changed to malicious and dangerous sites without your knowledge.

As you can see, the only right thing to do to protect your system from this attacker is remove Blekko Redirect. This you can do with the help of an automated malware removal tool because this will save time and it will put no risk to your information, documents, files and pictures. You can use SpyHunter to scan your system. It will require only a few minutes to be downloaded and installed to your machine. Then, it will detect any suspicious or infected files.
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