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If you see that the executable file Minerd.exe is running on your computer, this means that your PC has been infected. This process is malicious and it makes your system vulnerable to attacks of cyber criminals. Because of this, in case that you notice any symptoms associated with Minerd.exe, security specialists recommend that you run a full scan of your computer with a reliable AV program and you remove any viruses and infected files which are detected.

How does Minerd.exe work?

Minerd.exe is usually downloaded to computers without being caught by security applications. The intruder comes together with unreliable or scam software. Also, it can be infiltrated directly into the system from compromised web pages or malicious web links. After the harmful executable file has been downloaded to your PC, it roots deep into the system and starts making changes to your computer’s registry in order to make itself invisible to antivirus applications.


The file is also seen in security scan results as Win32/BitCoinMiner.K. When you have this intruder on your computer, you may not notice its presence. However, in your Task Manager you can see the process to be running. You have to know that Minerd.exe can connect to remote servers and thus download malicious software to your PC. Viruses developed by hackers can be downloaded by the malicious process and they will use vulnerabilities in your system and running applications to infect the PC.

If Minerd.exe is running on your PC, you will notice the following problems with your computer:

  • Minerd.exe is using all your CPU;
  • your PC is working very slowly;
  • there are problems with your Internet connection;
  • the system crashes unexpectedly;
  • you have problems when trying to launch your programs.

In case that you notice some of these system problems, you have to know that Minerd.exe may be running on your computer. This is why it is advised that you check all critical locations of your PC, detect the malicious file and delete it.

How to remove Minerd.exe?

In order to detect Minerd.exe and delete it completely from your computer, security specialists recommend that you use a reliable and effective AV program. They advise you to choose SpyHunter, because it has been tested and proven to detect and remove Minerd.exe and also other system threats successfully.
Automatic removal of the infection is recommended, as the antivirus program will check your whole system and will find any other compromised files and infiltrated viruses. In this way, no infections will be left on your computer and the system will be fully protected from attacks of cyber criminals and their malicious creations.

How to protect your system from Minerd.exe and other viruses?

In the future, to know that your system will not be attacked by hacker and to be sure that your information will not be targeted and stolen by cyder criminals, computer experts recommend applying the following rules when you are surfing the net:

  • do not visit unknown and unreliable web pages;
  • do not download unreliable software to your PC;
  • do not download and open spam email attachments;
  • use only genuine and reliable applications;
  • update your programs and system regularly
  • use a reliable and effective AV program to stop attacks of computer viruses and harmful intruders;
  • scan your system on a regular basis with the security application to detect system attackers on time and remove them completely.

Following these rules will help you protect your system from attacks of cyber criminals and their malicious infections.
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