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Eliminar Amazon Smart Search

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Amazon Smart Search is a hijacker which, in case it is installed on your PC, takes control over your browser and does not allow you to use a search engine different from it. Because the pages displayed by the provider contain links to third-party web sites, you may be unexpectedly redirected to some unknown page which is known for its bad reputation and intentions. As this poses a serious risk to your system and information, because viruses can be transferred to your computer, security specialists do not recommend using Amazon Smart Search on your PC. This is why this toolbar has to be removed completely and it has to be replaced with a reliable search engine.

What does Amazon Smart Search do?

Amazon Smart Search is a legitimate browser add-on but the problem is that it is often transferred to PCs without the knowledge of the user. Although this tool is offered to make Amazon searches easier, it turns out that it is not offered only on its official web page. Also, it can be downloaded together with other software and it can be installed without being noticed by the user.


Amazon Smart Search changes the settings of your browser and makes its web site your home page. Then, it makes itself the default search provider and no other engine can be used. It takes you to different web sites sponsored by hackers and spyware, malware, scamware and other viruses can be infiltrated into your PC without any notification. They will be able to take control over your PC and start managing your system. The only aim of these intruders is to steal your sensitive information, bank account numbers and any other details.

These unexpected redirects can be also initiated when you click on an unknown pop-up message displayed by the tool. Then, you will be again taken to some site with suspicious intentions and your system may be attacked by hackers and their creations. To avoid information theft, you have to remove Amazon Smart Search from your computer.

How to remove Amazon Smart Search?

To get rid of Amazon Smart Search completely, you need a reliable guide and you have to follow its steps precisely. Make sure the guide is applicable to your browser. Also, download an effective AV program like SpyHunter to check your system for intruders and remove any viruses completely.
Choose the appropriate guide for your browser and remove Amazon Smart Search completely:

For Internet Explorer:

  1. First, press Alt+X and choose Manage add-ons.
  2. Open Toolbars and Extensions and disable all unwanted extensions.
  3. Choose Search Providers and delete the unwanted search provider. Choose a new engine. Save the changes.
  4. Press Alt+X and in Internet Options go to the General tab. There, choose a new home page and click OK.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Press Alt+F.
  2. Open Extensions, delete all unwanted extensions.
  3. Go to Settings, open On Startup and choose Open a page or a set of pages.
  4. Open Set pages, delete the current home page and type a new site. Click OK.
  5. Choose Manage search engines under Search.
  6. Choose a reliable search provider and remove the engine you do not want.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Restart your browser.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A and open the Add-ons Manager tab.
  2. Go to Extensions and remove unwanted add-ons.
  3. Press Alt+T and open Options.
  4. Go to the tab General and choose a new home page. Click OK.
  5. Click the icon in the Search box.
  6. Choose Manage Search engines, then choose a new search engine and remove the unwanted one.
  7. Click OK.

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