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Eliminar Sweetpacks

Tuesday, April 9th 2013 under Security by

Sweetpacks can be downloaded to your PC with or without your knowledge. This browser add-on is available on its web site sweetim.sweetpacks.com. There is also another way that can be used by the toolbar to enter your system and it is to come together with third party software. Once the tool is installed, you will immediately notice it on top of your browser.

How does Sweetpacks work?

When Sweetpacks is downloaded and installed on your computer, it is automatically attached to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and other browsers. This toolbar comes with numerous emoticons. They can be used by the user in email messages and online conversations.

Before installing the application it is important to read its Privacy Policy. Here is what the policy says:

The Company uses the services of a third party company to help it measure the effectiveness of its advertising and how visitors use Software. To do this, the Company uses Web beacons and cookies
We may use an outside advertising company to display advertisements on the Site and Software. These ads may contain cookies. The advertisement company may collect cookies received with outside ad banners.

Without any doubt, this application clearly declares that it is free to collect your personal information and use it for future reference. Moreover, the tool says that it uses third party services to display advertisements while you are browsing the net.

Indeed, when Sweetpacks is installed on your computer, it makes numerous changes to your browser’s settings. The toolbar changes your home page to home.sweetim.com. Also, it makes itself your default search engine and redirects you to unknown and maybe insecure sites. You are bombarded with pop-up advertisements and can be taken to pages with unknown intentions.

How to remove Sweetpacks?

As you can see, when Sweetpacks is installed on your PC, you can be taken to compromised pages without your knowledge or consent. This can result in serious computer infections and security problems. This is why you have to remove Sweetpacks[/tp]. Use the instructions below because they are tested by our team of security specialists and they successfully remove the toolbar. This is why we suggest you use exactly these steps and you also use a genuine AV program to detect and remove any viruses that may have entered your PC while the toolbar was present on it.

To remove Sweetpacks, follow these steps:

1. Go to your browser’s settings and in the list with Add-ons find Sweetpacks, then uninstall it.
2. Go to the Control Panel and in the Uninstall a Program option find Sweetpacks and remove it.
3. Change your home page to a reliable site.
4. Choose an effective and trustworthy search engine.
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