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Wednesday, March 20th 2013 under Security by

Mysearchresults is a browser hijacker, which can lead to serious security problems if once installed on your PC. This intruder is either downloaded from its official web site, or it is transferred together with freeware tools. However, after it has been transferred to your PC, it starts making changes and some of them can have fatal consequences.

What is Mysearchresults?

Mysearchresults is a browser add-on, which wants to improve your search results. However, once downloaded to your computer, it takes full control over your browser. The following changes are made without any notification:

  • Your search engine is changed to MySearchResults.com.
  • Your home page is set to MySearchResults.com.
  • Pop-up messages and advertisements are displayed while you are browsing the net.
  • You are unexpectedly taken to insecure and suspicious sites that have nothing to do with your initial search.

As you can see, despite its good intentions, Mysearchresults can be a real trouble maker and can be the cause for serious security problems. If you are constantly taken to pages with questionable intentions and you are redirected to compromised or malicious sites, this may result in transfer of computer viruses to your PC. You have to know that if hackers gain access to your machine and manage to send their creations to your computer, soon they will manage to steal your personal and financial details.

How to remove Mysearchresults?

To delete Mysearchresults from your PC and stop attacks of cyber criminals, follow the steps below. Also, to fully protect your computer and information, download a reliable AV program like SpyHunter and install it. Use it to scan your system for threats and remove them. Keep the security application installed to protect your PC from malicious attacks.

Here you can see how to remove Mysearchresults:

1. Open your browser’s settings.
2. Open the list with add-ons.
3. Find Mysearchresults and disable it.
4. Open the Control Panel.
5. Open the list with currently installed programs.
6. Find Mysearchresults and uninstall it.
7. Change your home page to a reliable site.
8. Replace your search engine with a well-known search provider (like google.com).
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