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Eliminar Blekko Virus

Monday, February 18th 2013 under Security by

What is the Blekko virus or Blekko.com redirect?

Blekko is a toolbar categorized as adware and is also known as Blekko.com redirection virus. The first time it was seen was on November 1st, 2012 and then it was discussed to be a search engine that is trying to improve results displayed by reputable search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and to reduce or completely remove sponsored links from the results.

When this program is detected on a computer, you have to know that it changes browser settings and modifies Home Page and Provided Search Engines and this results in taking the users to blekko.com after trying to make a search or open some web page. This can result in being taken to pages that belong to a pay-per-click system and every time you click on some of the links displayed Blekko is paid money.

Blekko virus threats

There are numerous security risks posed by the presence of Blekko virus on your computer.

  • Blekko virus modifies browser settings without asking the user for his permission and changes the home pages to its own site Blekko.com.
  • Blekko virus changes the default search engine and then all internet searches are redirected to Blekko.com or other pages connected with this search provider.
  • Blekko virus opens security holes in your system and makes it possible for malicious software and scam tools to be transferred to your machine. Moreover, this intruder is reported to produce pop-up advertisements.
  • Blekko virus and other similar tools are reported to be able to gather information about users’ browsing habits and history, preferred web pages, online accounts credentials, passwords. Later, this information can be used by hackers to accomplish their malicious and dishonest plans.

How are you hijacked with Blekko virus?

You can download and install Blekko from some f its web pages without being aware that this tool and its services pose a risk to your security and can be really harmful. In fact, a pop-up message on the right corner of your browser saying “Add blekko to your search options spam-free search” is where the tool is promoted. When you click on it, Blekko is downloaded to your PC and hijacks your browser.

How to remove Blekko virus?

Follow the steps below to remove Blekko virus and also get rid of third party intruders that have hijacked your PC. As soon as you remove Blekko virus, you have to change your browser settings and reset your Home Page and Provided Search Engine.

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Blekko Virus Removal Options – Uninstall Blekko Toolbar

  1. Automated AV program (Detect and remove viruses).
  2. System Restore (Reset options for Win 8 listed below).
  3. Uninstall Blekko program.
  4. Remove Blekko Toolbar from Add-ons list.
  5. Change Home Page (remove Blekko.com Home Page).
  6. Change Provided Search Engines (to stop being redirected).
  7. Delete Browser Cache And Cookie Files.

Although it is not recommended to remove Blekko Virus manually, you can search for the files listed below and find them because they are affecting the work of your system.

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