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Thursday, January 10th 2013 under Security by

Search.us.com malware is a malicious browser hijacker. It enters PCs as a reliable search engine extension, but the truth is that it is just another tool that makes it possible for cyber criminals to transfer harmful viruses to targeted machines. The presence of this application on your computer poses a serious risk to your information and machine. The program opens security holes in the system and thus cyber criminals can find a way and steal users’ financial and personal information.

Search.us.com toolbar is transferred to computers without clearly declaring its intentions. This tool comes together with other software, probably illegal or pirated. The name of the extension is ticked with a box and users often do not notice that this means that the program will be installed by default.

However, after the Search.us.com toolbar has successfully managed to enter a computer, it attaches itself to the browser and starts taking all search results to unknown and insecure pages. When a person searches for some information online, he is taken to pages that are irrelevant to his search criteria. Most of these sites are known to promote and download scamware software, malware, worms, adware, spyware and other viruses to vulnerable machines. By taking a user to such a compromised page, the toolbar makes it really easy for hackers to infect the person’s PC and then steal his information, passwords, bank account and credit card numbers, and any other sensitive details.

Search.us.com toolbar also tracks your browsing history and displays pop-up advertisements. They are also used to take you to malicious pages. Only one click on such a message is needed to redirect a user to a compromised site with a bad reputation.

When Search.us.com toolbar is on a user’s computer, it changes the default home page to Search.us.com without asking for any permission. Also, Search.us.com malware sets itself as a default search engine without any notification. This is done although the toolbar does not provide reliable search results. If you notice that Search.us.com toolbar has been attached to your browser, do not waste time and remove the add-on. Because it may have already downloaded many viruses to your PC, it is important to scan your system with a genuine and reliable AV program. Download SpyHunter and check your machine with it. It will detect and warn you about malicious files and potential threats.
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