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Wednesday, November 28th 2012 under Security by

PDF Virus is a malicious creation of cyber criminals that targets computers and enters them with the only aim to steal money and personal details from their users. They are spread together with compromised email attachments or transferred from malicious web pages. Adobe Viruses that target different vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

The Trojan-based attacker Troj/PDFEx-DF is a malware infection that uses vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader to enter your system and gain access to your sensitive information and documents. This intruder misuses the ability of Adobe Reader to use a PDF file to view a non-PDF attachment. Troj/PDFEx-DF is, in fact, a compromised non-PDF file that carries an infection with itself to transfer it to targeted machines and thus sneak into their systems.

Another way in which this dangerous intruder is spread is with the use of compromised web pages. They use malicious JavaScript to check if there is a PDF reader plug-in installed on your browser. If there is such a plug-in, it will be easy for the compromised PDF files to load itself on your PC and infect it.

Never forget that if any malicious file manages to enter your computer, it will cause serious troubles and it will put all your information at risk. In case that hackers gain access to your personal and financial information, which will happen if PDF Virus is not removed as soon as possible, cyber criminals will steal your account information, passwords, credit card numbers and personal details. They will be able to steal your own money from your bank account even without your knowledge.

Moreover, if you have this infection on your machine, it will attract other scamware, ransomware and malaware infections to your PC. They will compromise your system and steal all your information. What is even worse, some of these viruses may be able to take full control over your system and do not allow you to access neither your documents nor your programs.

These serious threats are the reason why you have to remove PDF Virus immediately after being seen. To avoid posing any risk to your information or system, it is recommended that you use a genuine and reliable AV program. You can download SpyHunter and install it on your PC. This will take only a few minutes and then you will be ready to remove the infection completely, as well as any other threatening or suspicious files.
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