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Eliminar MyWebSearch

Friday, June 22nd 2012 under Security by

There is no wonder why MyWebSearch is classified by security researchers as adware. This toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is actually a hijacker, which is a part of Fun Web Products group, under which the following products are also listed:

MyWay Search Assistant
Popular Screen Savers
Cursor Mania

The tricky nature of MyWebSearch should not deceive you. Although it pretends to be a legitimate product, this adware piece has no intention of serving you honestly. It states that it would not collect any identifiable information for malicious purposes, but this is an absolute lie. Under the cloak of a legitimate and easy-to-use tool, the malevolent toolbar secretly pursues its harmful goals. It floods your computer with extremely irritating pop-ups, which come out of nowhere while you are idly jumping from a webpage to another or trying to work on something. The adware also slows down the overall performance of your PC palpably, but one of its main functions is to redirect you to a webpage called My Total Search, which is actually the malicious toolbar’s own search page. This redirection usually occurs when you are trying to view the content of a webpage that is not found or unavailable at the moment.

The only way to protect your computer is to get rid of MyWebSearch. However, if you want to do so manually, you must know that in many cases just removing the program from Control Panel options does not solve the problems. This adware settles into your system, and you should get rid of all of its settings in order to eliminate it. However, you can still try to uninstall the program, restart your computer and clear the folders FunWebProducts and MyWebSearch from C:\Program Files in “My Computer”. If this does not completely remove the toolbar, you can run a full scan of the PC via a genuine AV tool. Either way, removing this toolbar is essential to your computer safety.
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