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Remove AdChoices

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AdChoices is a browser hijacker that is blamed for numerous security problems. After this tool is installed on computers, cases of severe attacks of cyber criminals and fatal computer infections are reported. This is due to the fact that AdChoices (or also known as Ad Choices) redirects its users to unknown and insecure pages without any permission and this leads to serious system infections and attacks of computer viruses.

How does AdChoices work?

AdChoices is usually downloaded to machines without being noticed by their users. It attaches itself to some freeware software and thus penetrates into the targeted system. Then, it is immediately attached to browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you have this add-on installed on your browser, you will immediately see that it has changed the settings of your browser. As a result of the changes made by AdChoices toolbar, it is made your default search provider. Then, it is the only search provider you can use when you are browsing the net. This engine displays sponsored links. They belong to third parties and promote different products, offer online discounts and deals.

AdChoices Popup

AdChoices Popup

However, the reputation of not all of these third parties is checked. As a result of the fact that you are redirected to pages with an unclear reputation, you can be taken to compromised or malicious sites. Some of them may infiltrate computer viruses into your PC and target your sensitive information. This poses a serious risk to all your personal and financial details and if this happens, you may become a victim of identity and money theft.
AdChoices also displays pop-up messages and advertisements. In these notifications, a link to a third-party web site is shown and it can again redirect you to a suspicious and insecure page with bad intentions.

There is no doubt that when AdChoices is installed on your computer, it can cause real security problems. Despite the fact that this tool is not a virus, it can open backdoors in the security of your system and adware, malware, Trojan horses, spyware and other harmful viruses can be infiltrated into your computer. Moreover, this toolbar can attract other hijackers to your PC and thus cause even more serious problems.

How to remove AdChoices?

In case that you do not know what to do with AdChoices, the answer is clear. Security specialists recommend that you remove this toolbar from your PC and you stop using it as your search engine. To do that, use the steps below. Also, download a reliable AV program to detect any infected files or system threats. Download SpyHunter, which is an AV program that has proven its reliability in deleting malicious intruders, and check your system with it.

Follow these steps to delete AdChoices:

  1. Open your browser -> go to the settings’ tab -> open the list with add-ons -> disable AdChoices.
  2. Open the Control Panel -> go to the Add/Remove a Program option -> uninstall AdChoices.
  3. Choose a reliable home page.
  4. Change your search engine to an effective provider.

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Install the AV program and scan your whole system with it to check for intruders and infected files. If there are any compromised files or threats, remove them completely with this security tool. In the future, use SpyHunter to protect your computer from possible attacks of cyber criminals and stop them on time.

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