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In case that you see messages popping up on your browser, and you are constantly redirected to some unknown pages, this is probably a sign that your browser has been hijacked. If this is so, this means that your browser has been attacked by some kind of malware or other virus developed by cyber criminals. There is also a chance that a potentially unwanted program has been attached to your browser, and it causes your inconvenience. Blekko Search is exactly such a tool, and although it is not a computer infection, it might cause system and security problems.

What is Blekko Search?

The first time I saw it on my PC, I believed this was an engine which uses own methods and techniques to match my search criteria. However, after I made a few searches with it I realized it shows me a list with search results provided by Yahoo. In fact, the links shown by Blekko Search were some unknown sponsored pages. Indeed, most of the links displayed do not have anything to do with what I want to find. There is also little information about the reliability of the provided links. So it turns out that there is no point in using Blekko Search because if you use Yahoo or some other reliable search engine straight away, you will not be bothered by the pop-up advertisements. Besides that, Blekko Search changes your home page to its own web page and makes itself your default search engine.

One of the most serious problems with this intruder is that even when Blekko Search is removed from your PC, the changes it has made to your computer registry still affect your system and your work on it. When you reboot the PC and the system is loaded, your browser is again modified without even asking for your permission.

How were you hijacked by Blekko Search?

There are different ways in which Blekko Search manages to get inside your PC. Usually, this toolbar is downloaded to targeted machines together with freeware programs. This toolbar is often bundled to other applications and users usually do not notice that it will be installed on their machines together with the tool they are about to download.

How to remove Blekko Search?

The best you can do to get rid of Blekko Search is to remove not only it, but also any other toolbars that come with it. Then, you need to restore your browser settings, and this has to be done manually. Before you do that, you have to save all your browsing history and bookmarks because after the restore you will see your default browser preferences.
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Blekko Search removal instructions:

  1. The most important thing to be done is to download a reliable and genuine AV program to remove files connected with Blekko Search. The program will also scan for malicious and dangerous software. In case that the removal process is successful, you will not need to do anything else to remove the toolbar.
  2. You have to go to the Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs, find Blekko Search and remove it (for Windows XP) or Uninstall a Program (for Win 7 and 8). For Win 8 find the Control Panel in the Search tab.
    When you open the Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program window find and remove Blekko Search.

Follow the instructions to remove Blekko Search from your browser:

How to remove Blekko Search from Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Customize and control Google Chrome -> Tools -> Settings.
  2. Choose Set Pages and from the window shown Remove Blekko Search.
  3. To change the Search engine click Manager search engines and choose a search engine like Google.com, for example.

How to remove Blekko Search from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on the Blekko Search sign on the toolbar and choose Manage Search Engines…. from the drop down menu.
  2. In the list find Blekko Search and click on Remove, then OK.
  3. To change your home page go to Tools -> General and chose a page like Google.com.

How to remove Blekko Search from Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Search Providers. Choose a search provider different from Blekko Search and set it as your default search engine. Then, remove Blekko Search from the list.
  2. To change your home page go to Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab. Type google.com, for example, to change your default home page.
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