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Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus

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Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus is a version of the well-known Win-locker infections Ukash and FBI Moneypak. This virus attacks computers located in France and manages to sneak into their systems using deceptive tricks and maneuvers. This attacker pretends to be a reliable message sent from the police forces to tell you that you are accused of illegally downloading and spreading copyrighted and pirated materials. It pretends to be a notification aimed at stopping online crime, but the truth is that this warning itself has been produced by cyber criminals to serve their own malicious plans.

Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus is the same well-known infection as Votre ordinateur est verrouillé virus, Ministere de L’interieur Virus and Office Central de Lutte contre la Criminalité virus. All of these computer attackers are really harmful and they only pretend to be genuine messages sent from the government or the police. The truth is that they are all created by hackers and they are intended to scare you into believing you are accused of serious online crime and unless you pay a fine you will be taken to prison for your illegal actions.

This ransomware is spread together with illegal programs, fake system and software updates and bogus video codecs. It manages to enter your system with the help of Trojan horses. As soon as the virus is inside your PC, it locks your system and makes it impossible for you to see anything else except for the misleading message. The warning lists numerous serious accusations and says that a fine of 100 Euro has to be paid in the next few hours otherwise the computer will stay locked and there will be fatal consequences for the user.

This is the content of the message:

Votre ordinateur est bloqué en raison du délit de la loi de la France
On révélait les violations suivantes: le fait d’une prise de vues de film, l’inscription ou la transmission des documents du contenu pornographique avec la participation des mineurs, la pornographie mettant en scène des enfants, de la sodomie et des actions violentes […]
Acquérez ces vouchers Ukash sur la somme 100 euros […]

Although it is written in French and seems to have been sent from a reliable national organization, this is a disguise used to steal your money. Do not be beguiled and do not pay any money to this computer attacker. Although the logo of the trustworthy online payment system Ukash is used, this intruder has nothing to do with it. All your money and personal details will be sent to hackers immediately and cyber criminals will gain free access to all your bank accounts and money.
You have to protect your information and system immediately and the only way to do that is to remove Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus. The best option is to get rid of the infection with the help of an automated tool. Otherwise, you risk losing all your information and deleting important system files, which will lead to a fatal system crash.

To clean your computer automatically you have to download a reliable and effective AV program. You can use SpyHunter to scan your system and remove the infection.

Here is how to fix your PC automatically:

1. Boot your system and press the F8 key.
2. From the menu choose Safe Mode with Networking.
3. Open your browser and download SpyHunter from the link below:

Download SpyHunter’s Threat Scanner to Remove* Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus100% FREE Spyware Scan, Fast & Safe Solution For Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus Removal

4. Install this effective program and run a scan of your system. Remove Votre Ordinateur Est Bloqué Virus and any other suspicious intruders that are detected.
You have to clean your system, because if the infection is not removed completely, it will again take control over your system. Your information and computer will be again at risk and it may turn out to be too late to delete the virus.

*SpyHunter's free scanner is only for malware detection. If it detects malicious software on your computer, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware tool to remove the detected threats.

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