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Tuesday, November 27th 2012 under Security by

Claro Search Malware is reported to be one of the latest computer attackers detected by security applications. Computer specialists warn that this malicious browser extensions looks like a genuine browser add-on, but, in fact, has suspicious and not clear intentions. It is known that this intruder causes serious system problems and enables malicious creations of cyber criminals to infect users` computers. This is why security experts warn that if noticed, this redirect infection has to be removed immediately and without hesitation.

Although Claro Search Malware seems to be a genuine search optimization tool, latest security reports show that this is nothing, but a redirect virus. If you see it on your PC, know that it is no good, and you have to remove it as soon as you can. This intruder takes your search results to unknown and insecure web pages. It is reported that most of these pages are created by cyber criminals and promote bogus and scam software.

“If you have Claro Search Malware on your computer, this is a really bad sign, because it is a real troublemaker” computer experts from leading security labs comment. “This intruder will bombard you with malicious online advertisements, it will take you to compromised pages and finally it will do anything to steal your money, and personal details” they say.

Indeed, this malware attacker does not only redirect your search results (you can report these malicious sites here), but it also gathers information about your browsing habits and then uses it to bombard you with pop-up advertisements and online messages. These windows are not only annoying, but they also pose a serious risk to your system and information, because they use a pay-per-click system. Every time you click on some of these advertisements, you may be taken to a compromised and malicious site that will send scam tools and infections to your PC.

There is no doubt that this harmful add-on makes it possible for keyloggers, scamware, malware and other computer viruses to gain access to your system. It increases traffic to infected web sites and opens backdoors in your system, which are used from dangerous viruses to enter a user`s PC. As soon as Claro Search Malware has managed to enter your PC, all your personal details, credit card information and passwords will become accessible to hackers. The main aim of hackers has been always to steal your information and use it to make a profit and steal all your money.

The goal of Claro Search is to mislead you with its reliable layout and make you believe it can optimize your search results. This is why it uses this reliable interface, but this is just a camouflage used to beguile you into using its deceitful services. As long as Claro Search stays on your computer, there will be a serious risk posed to all your personal and financial information. This is why you have to do something immediately and get rid of the intruder.

“Remove this browser hijacker with an automated AV tool and do it as soon as possible” this is what security specialists recommend. They say that this is the best solution of the problem because it saves time and does not pose any risk to your system or information. As soon as the attacker is removed, the better. Otherwise, you risk losing all your information and experiencing a fatal computer crash.

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