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Claro LTD Toolbar. How to remove.

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Claro LTD Toolbar is reported to be an add-on, but one that is added to the user’s browser without asking for his permission. This toolbar comes to your computer together with three other applications, but it installs itself by default without your knowledge. This application is classified as adware application. Although this tool seems to be harmless, it is very aggressive, and it is defined as a browser hijacker. For this reason, if this program has managed to install itself on your PC, remove Claro LTD Toolbar as soon as you can.

As soon as Claro LTD Toolbar is installed, it sets itself as your default search engine. This, again, is done without asking for your approval. What is more, this toolbar modifies your own browser settings and never lets you know about this. Your home page is changed to Claro LTD Toolbar.

When you see Claro LTD Toolbar, you will notice that it has links to some web pages such as YouTube and Facebook. The layout of this toolbar may seem reliable, but the truth is that this program uses aggressive techniques to gain control over your browser and manipulate your search results.

In case that Claro LTD Toolbar has been installed on your PC, you have to remove it from your browser. This can be done easily by unticking the Claro LTD Toolbar after going to View → Toolbars. Then, remove the toolbar from the Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs. However, even if you have already done this and you do not see the malicious toolbar on top of your browser, you need to run a scan of your system in order to get rid of the intruder completely.

Use a genuine and reliable security application to scan your system and detect the attacker. Then, remove the program. Only after you have done this, you can be sure that Claro LTD Toolbar will no longer impede the normal work of your browser.

To avoid future attacks of unwanted or illegal programs, check the source from which you are downloading the tools and its legitimacy. If you have any doubts that the applications are not reliable or may come bundled with malicious software, do not download or install them on your PC. Scan your system on a regular basis to detect any compromised files or computer threats and attackers. In this way, you will be warned immediately if hackers and their creations are trying to access your computer.
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