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services.exe virus – how to remove the infection

Tuesday, August 7th 2012 under Security by

Although the name services.exe is known to belong to a reliable and essential Windows system file, it is a fact that hackers have again tried to use this well-known file for their malicious purposes. This time they have put all their efforts into creating a deceitful and harmful PC intruder with the name services.exe. As you can see, the tricky and malicious file created by cyber criminals to enter vulnerable computers looks like the file which comes together with your OS. Despite the fact that this file looks almost the same, the truth is that the file developed by online criminals has nothing in common with your genuine system file and has been created with the only intention to cause problems. For this reason, if you ever see or detect the tricky attacker, make sure that you remove services.exe without delay.

It is a technique commonly used by hackers to create files and programs which have layout or names similar to these of reliable and genuine programs and files. This is the case with the malicious intruder services.exe. It only looks like a legal and essential Windows file. In fact, it is just another bogus invention of cyber criminals aimed at entering your computer without your knowledge and infecting your system.

Believe it or not, this harmful file is able to cause serious problems to our system. It can impede the work of your computer or slow it down. It can also open security holes in your system and applications and thus create backdoors for other scamware, malware and rogueware.

Without your knowledge, this malicious executable file can reside in background without revealing its malicious plan and tricky actions. It is able to attract dangerous applications developed by online criminals to your PC. Finally you will find that you have become a victim of credit card and identity theft without being even alarmed about the deceitful plan of the intruder.

There is an easy way to understand if you are dealing with a reliable file or with an attacker. Just check the folder in which the file is located. A genuine system file will be found in the Windows \ System32 folder. In contrast to it, malicious files with similar names can be found in any location of your computer.

If you happen to understand that a harmful services.exe virus has managed to enter your system you should not waste time. Without delay, you have to detect the intruder and remove it completely. You can do that either manually or you can use a genuine and reliable automated AV tool. Scan your system with the security program and get rid of the infection.

In order to protect your system from future attacks of services.exe virus, as well as other malicious files and application, you have to make sure that your computer and information are protected. This you can do by running security scans of your system on a regular basis. Also, to be sure that no harmful files are transferred to your PC you should not visit insecure web pages or download and install insecure applications or updates. Last, but not least, never fill in your personal or financial details on unknown or unreliable web pages.
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