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Police Central e-crime Unit virus – how to remove

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 under Security by

Another scam message is spread on the Internet and this time it pretends to be sent from the Police Central e-crime Unit. The scary warning accuses its victims of illegal online activities and Internet crime. Despite the fact that this message looks absolutely realistic and trustworthy and can mislead almost every PC user, this is not a genuine notification and it is not sent from the police at all. This is just another scam tool created and spread by hackers in order to make a profit and take your money. In case that you detect this harmful attacker on your PC, remove the Police Central e-crime Unit virus without hesitation.

The Police Central e-crime Unit virus is known to be targeting users in the UK. However, this is not the first time online criminals are using the well-known and reputable name of the Police. Previous fake warnings spread by hackers pretend to be displayed by the FBI and USA Justice Department. Although these infections use different layout, they all act in one and the same way. They sneak into targeted machines without alarming their users about the deceitful plan. This is done with the help of Trojan horses that penetrate into the system without being noticed. Also, the infection is sometimes transferred to computers together with fake or infected program updates. In this case, people are tricked into thinking they are downloading a necessary software upgrade or a genuine application, but, in fact, the virus is transferred to their machines.

Then, the infection is ready to start its malicious actions. Police Central e-crime Unit virus can attract other malicious creations of hackers to your PC including malware, scamware and rogueware. In this way, it puts your system in danger and if not removed, it causes serious problems. You may become a victim of identity theft. Moreover, your credit card and bank account information will be available to hackers and will be used by them without your knowledge and permission.

As you can see, the Police Central e-crime Unit virus should never be underestimated. Although this attacker claims that your PC is locked and in order to unlock it you have to pay a fee, do not be misled and remember that this is nothing, but a trick used by cyber criminals to take your money.

What you have to do in case that the Police Central e-crime Unit virus has managed to enter your computer is to remove the intruder as soon as you can. This can be done with the help of a legitimate and reliable AV program. It will help you scan your system, detect the intruder and get rid of it.

To protect your machine from the attacks of this computer threat and other malicious creations of hackers, never download unknown programs. Also, make sure that the page from which you are downloading applications or software updates is secure and reliable. Last, but not least, use a reliable and effective security application. It will let you know if there are any system threats or compromised files.
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