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Entfernen Fake Windows 8 Activation Tool

Thursday, December 13th 2012 under Security by

Windows 8 Activation Tool is one of the latest bogus creations of cyber criminals. Because of the popularity of this new OS, hackers have now put all their efforts into using it to steal money and personal information from PC users.

It is reported that there are two new intruders detected to target Win 8 and penetrate into its system. They are both key generators, which are supposed to be used for the generation of serial numbers and are used to help for the activation of copies of paid software. The names of these malicious tools are known to be JOKE_ARCHSMS and ADW_SOLIMBA. These are reported to be available on http://{BLOCKED}en2eqqh2.cloudfront.net.

These two intruders seem to work together. ADW_SOLIMBA pretends to be able to download Win 8 to the users’ PCs, and JOKE_ARCHSMS comes immediately after that as an activator of the downloaded software. Both of these intruders have reliable layout and seem to be genuine tools sent to help you download and activate the new version of Windows. These false tools want to mislead the users into thinking that in order to activate Windows, they have to send a message to some unknown phone number.

This is the content shown by ADW_SOLIMBA:

Select the installation path:
To start the installation “Windows 8 Activator 2011″ click “Install” Install

This is the misleading text of the second message:

Installation successful
To generate a personal code, go free activation! (Protection from automatic activation) Country:

SMS with text:
on number:
Enter your activation code:

Of course, it is absolutely unnecessary and even insecure to send a text message or any other message to these tools. They can steal your money, and personal information, they can gain access to your sensitive details and later use it to serve malicious and unwanted purposes. Know that only a single message from your mobile phone can be enough for hackers to steal not only your money, but also your private and financial informational and use it to gain a profit.

In case that some of these intruders has managed to enter your PC and now it is trying to trick you into sending a message to it, ignore this notification. Know that this is another malicious trick of hackers, and you have to scan your system immediately for viruses and infected files.

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