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Wednesday, November 7th 2012 under Security by

Certified Toolbar is a new tricky browser extension that can serve both as a legitimate and reliable search engine, and as a malicious and harmful application. This tool is genuine, and it is not known as a fake or bogus application. However, the problem with this toolbar is that together with trustworthy search results it lists compromised pages developed by cyber criminals to promote scam software and deceitful tools. This is why Certified Toolbar poses a risk if installed on your computer, although it is not categorized as malware or scamware.

This suspicious browser is often downloaded to targeted computers without the knowledge or consent of their users. It comes together with other applications and does not ask for any permission to install itself. What is more, if a user finds this toolbar to have been installed on his machine, it turns out to be a really tough, if not impossible task, to remove it from the system. It can be also downloaded as a reliable toolbar from its web page certified-toolbar.com.

Once Certified Toolbar has sneaked into your computer, it immediately gains control over your search engine. The toolbar is able to modify well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. This browser hijacker changes your home page without your permission. Also, it modifies your search results and takes you to pages, different from those that refer to your search criteria. This browser extension redirects your searches to pages it promotes. In case that any of these pages are malicious or contain dangerous or harmful information or software, your PC is exposed to attacks of hackers and their creations. It may turn out that without your knowledge your computer has become an object of attacks of PC viruses, worms, malware, scamware and ransomware infections.

As you know, the only intention and aim of hackers is to gain access to your PC and steal your information and money. In case that Certified Toolbar has made it possible for malicious browser add-ons or keyloggers to penetrate into your system, all the information you enter into your computer will become accessible to cyber criminals. Hackers will have free access to your log in details, user names, passwords, bank account information and browsing history. Without your knowledge, you will become a victim of credit card and identity theft. Cyber criminals will be able to use all your details for personal purposes without your permission.

Because Certified Toolbar poses a risk to your system and information, it is important not to waste time and remove this tool from your PC. You can do that manually. However, once you have deleted the program from your computer, it is strongly recommended that you install a genuine security program on your PC and scan it for malicious and suspicious software. You can do that with SpyHunter, which is an effective malware removal tool. It will detect any infected files in no time and remove them without problems.
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