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Entfernen Win 8 Home Security 2013 Scam

Thursday, November 1st 2012 under Security by

Win 8 Home Security 2013 is a new rogueware application that attacks computers with the helps of vulnerabilities in their systems and programs. This fake security program only looks like a reliable AV tool. In fact, it is malicious and dangerous name-changing scam software that is aimed at stealing users` information and money.

This scam software is a really dangerous attacker. It changes its name according to the system it has managed to infect. You can see this virus also under the name XP Home Security 2013, Win 7 Home Security 2013 and Vista Home Security 2013. Regardless of the name this malicious intruder uses, it is always one and the same bogus tool that is unable to detect any infected files or system threats. This program is crated with the only aim of stealing money from your bank account and sending your personal details to hackers with the intention to make a profit from them without your knowledge.

This malicious intruder uses Trojan horses to gain access to the system. It comes bundled with scam software, illegal program updates and fake video codecs. Although Win 8 Home Security 2013 is promoted as a genuine and really effective security application, the truth about it is that it cannot warn you about any real threats or attackers. On the contrary, it poses a real risk to all your details, files, documents, photos and videos stored on your PC. What is more, it tries to scare you into believing there are numerous infected files on your machine, and there are many problems with your system, all of which can be solved only with the help of the full version of Win 8 Home Security 2013.

The deceitful tool runs a fake scan of your computer as soon as you log in to Windows. The scan displays only false results and none of the threats displayed really exists. Also, the intruder pretends to be able to warn you about system errors and to do that bombards you with pop-up messages and windows. The information displayed is again unreliable and misleading.

In fact, Win 8 Home Security 2013 can only cause troubles. It blocks your reliable AV tool and keeps taking you to its own billing page with the only aim of making you pay for its useless services. You need to take immediate measures and protect your machine from this attacker. To do that, you can remove the intruder manually. However, this is a risky tasks, and it requires you to have sufficient experience with computers. You can also use an automated security tool to get rid of the infection. SpyHunter is a malware removal application that needs only a few minutes to be installed. Then, it will scan your system and remove Win 8 Home Security 2013. Also, it will detect any other malicious files or intruders.


How to manually remove Win 8 Home Security 2013:

Kill Win 8 Home Security 2013 processes:



Delete Win 8 Home Security 2013 files:



Remove Win 8 Home Security 2013 registry entries:


*SpyHunter’s free scanner is only for malware detection. If SpyHunter detects malware on your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter’s malware suite to remove the malware threats.

*SpyHunter's free scanner is only for malware detection. If it detects malicious software on your computer, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware tool to remove the detected threats.

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