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Thursday, November 1st 2012 under Security by

Yontoo Layers Client is a browser add-on that makes it possible for a user to create and use programs that change how web pages look. Although this tool pretends to be a trustworthy and useful browser extension and it looks like an application that optimizes the performance of your search engine, it is one that bombards you with annoying online advertisements and redirects your web searches.

Yontoo Layers Client is known to be an adware intruder that causes nothing, but problems. Even though it looks like a legal browser extension, this malicious intruder is able to affect any web browser. No matter if you use Internet Explorer, Chrome or FireFox, this attacker can attacks your browser and modify pages displayed on it.

Yontoo modifies the sites you visit. Most often this add-on modifies your Facebook page. This is done using Paperage. Paperage is a platform that helps Yontoo Layers Client to change the appearance of the page. Yontoo acts also like a browser add-on that redirects the user to Yontoo web page every time the person wants to search for some information online. It also takes the user to Buzzdock search engine.

Yontoo Layers Client is usually installed together with other programs. It often needs the user’s permission to install itself, but because it comes bundled with other applications, users do not always notice its installation. Also, it can be installed automatically as a browser extension that is distributed together with other tools.

The problem with Yontoo Layers Client is that it bombards the users with pop-up advertisements. It is not classified as a computer virus, but it redirects you to other pages without your permission or approval. It is recommended that you use a reliable security tool that will scan your computer and detect Yontoo Layers Client. It will help you remove this application from your PC in no time. You can use SpyHunter, which will detect Yontoo, as well as any system threats or suspicious files that are present on your PC.
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