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Web Shield Removal Guide

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Web Shield is a program which promises users to optimize the performance of their computers. The tool advertises its services and waits for the users to download it to their PCs. However, this is not the only way of transportation on which it relies. The program can be also transferred to your computer without your knowledge. This happens together with potentially unwanted programs downloaded from third-party websites. The tool itself is not considered a reliable and helpful one by security specialists. This is why it is strongly advised not to use its services, but to get rid of Web Shield.

What is Web Shield?

Web Shield is a computer optimization program. It can be downloaded from the website webshieldonline.com. A green button for free download is available on it. On click, it will start the transfer of the software immediately. The only way to prevent it from being installed is to untick it from the list with downloaded tools. However, users often do not notice the name of Web Shield in the list with downloaded tools, this is how it comes to PCs without being seen. You may also transfer the program from sponsored web links or suspicious third-party websites. In all cases, the program will not provide the expected services.

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What does Web Shield do?

You can find information about the services provided by Web Shield on its webpage. The tool says to gives its users the power to “decide what they want to block or not”. The tool is compatible with the browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. With it, users can block web tracers and speed up the performance of their browsers. This is what the information on the website of the tool says.

The truth is that it is not at all recommended to use this software, because it is said to collect all kinds of personal information from its users. The information includes web pages viewed by the user, links clicked, the user’s IP address, applications installed and used, location information, the browser’s history, the processes running currently on the user’s PC, etc. There is no reason for the tool to collect and track this sensitive information and the fact that it does that makes computer experts believe it is not a reliable tool at all.

In the privacy policy of the program, you can see the tool can share your details with third parties the reputation and intentions of which are unknown. All of this may result in theft of the user’s personal and financial details and any other confidential information.

Due to the serious consequences that may result from the use of the suspicious optimization software, it is recommended to remove Web Shield from the system.

How to uninstall Web Shield?

All you need to do to uninstall the program is go to the Control Panel and find it in the list with installed programs. However, the removal process you perform should not stop here. You have to use security software to scan the system for downloaded viruses.

Why to use an AV program?

You are advised to choose a reliable and well-known security application and run a full scan of your computer. The results from it will show if there are any present threats. With the AV program you can remove the infections and provide reliable protection of the system against attacks of hackers.

*SpyHunter's free scanner is only for malware detection. If it detects malicious software on your computer, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware tool to remove the detected threats.

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