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Sweet Page Removal Instructions

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Sweet Page is classified as a browser hijacker created by a company called Wify Technology Limited. This search engine alters search results, initiates browser redirects, and displays continuous advertisements. Sweet Page also settles itself as your homepage and changes your default search engine to sweet-page.com. Sweet Page can track your browsing habits and collect personal information using cookies, making it untrustworthy. The links provided in Sweet Page’s advertisements may lead computer users to questionable third party sites.

How Is Sweet Page Transferred To Computers?

While Sweet Page can be downloaded manually at its own website at sweet-page.com, it is typically transferred to your computer when it is bundled with free software downloads such as freeware and shareware. During the free software installation process, Sweet Page is also (often unknowingly) installed when the “I Accept” button is clicked. Be extremely cautious when downloading freeware on third party distribution platforms. Sweet Page is considered a browser hijacker which imitates Google search to provide web pages, images, and video searches. Many users claim they have no idea how Sweet Page was installed on their computers.

What Does Sweet Page Do?

As a browser hijacker, Sweet Page will display pop-up, in-text, banner, and coupon advertisements targeted to you with personal information gleaned from your browser history and search queries. After installation Sweet Page takes over as your homepage and redirects all web searches to its homepage sweet-page.com. Redirections from Sweet Page may take the user to suspicious third party websites. It will also slow down your browser and can be difficult remove. Sweet Page is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.


Why Is Sweet Page So Dangerous?

Sweet Page is used as an advertising platform for third parties which makes it dangerous. In addition, Sweet Page does collect personal information by observing web pages visited, search queries, and the amount of time spent on a website. It uses this information to deliver interest based advertisements that are not always reliable. The pop-up advertisements are utilized to generate money for third party sponsors. Additionally, sensitive personal information could be collected by the bundled software that was downloaded with it and passed on to cyber criminals just waiting to take advantage.

How To Remove Sweet Page?

Timely removal of Sweet Page is recommended. Sensitive personal information and computer security is at risk. Always be careful when installing software, especially free downloads, since they often come bundled with potentially unwanted programs. Be sure to use the “custom” installation button so that you have better control over filtering out unwanted programs. Keep in mind you may or may not be asked permission to install certain adware programs. Antivirus software is recommended to help you remove Sweet Page since it can be difficult to do so manually. In addition, you may also be able to rid your computer of this program manually by uninstalling unwanted and unfamiliar programs from your hard drive.

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Go to the Add-ons Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+A.
2. Go to the Extensions tab and remove any potentially unwanted add-ons.
3. Go to Options, press Alt+T.
4. Open the General tab and change your home page to a different one which is reliable.
5. Click OK.
6. Click the icon in the Search box .
7. Go to Manage search engines, find and remove the default search engine with a reliable provider.
8. Click OK.

For Google Chrome:
1. Press Alt+F.
2. Open “Extensions” and remove any potentially unwanted add-ons.
3. Go to Settings and click on “Open a page or a set of pages”.
4. Go to Set pages and replace your current home page with a new one.
5. Click OK.
6. Choose Manage search engines under Search.
7. Remove the unwanted search engine and choose a new one that is reliable.
8. Click Done.
9. Restart your browser.

For Internet Explorer:
1. Press Alt+X.
2. Choose Manage add-ons, then go to Tools and Extensions and remove any potentially unwanted add-ons.
3. Go to Search Providers. Remove the unwanted search engine and choose a new one which you want to use.
4. Save the changes.
5. Press Alt+X.
6. Open Internet Options and from the General tab change your home page with a reliable one.
7. Click OK.
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