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Bonanza Deals Removal Guide

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Bonanza Deals is a potentially unwanted adware browser extension add-on created to make money for the company. This program will begin displaying advertisements designed to appeal to thrifty consumers. While this program may seem like a good idea with its money saving ads, in reality Bonanza Deals users are led to visit specific domains with the intent of increasing traffic, which in turn, generates more money. This type of redirection may lead the user to compromised or insecure sites, putting the user at risk. In addition, the ads used by Bonanza Deals are sponsored third party endorsements.

Bonanza Deals is typically transferred to your computer when it is bundled with free software downloads such as freeware and shareware. During the free software installation process, Bonanza Deals is also (often unwittingly) installed when the “I Accept” button is clicked. It is considered a browser add-on and is transferred to most internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Another method for Bonanza Deals to transfer to your computer is via infected email. Some users have complained of Bonanza Deals infection after opening an email attachment from unknown persons.


Directly after installation, Bonanza Deals places an add-on on all internet browsers and displays pop-up advertisements. Browsing sessions are interrupted with pop-ups which may slow your computer down. This is all designed to make money. Despite promises for better search results, this adware takes the user to sponsored links, which could take you to third party sites that might be compromised and may contain viruses. Advertisements by Bonanza Deals are easily identified with a “Powered by Bonanza Deal” or “Brought by Bonanza Deals” label.

Since Bonanza Deals is used as an advertising platform for third parties it is considered dangerous and should be removed because the program makes it easier for cyber criminals to infiltrate your computer and compromise it with malware, spyware, and other infections. Bonanza Deals is not considered malware or a virus, but the pop-up advertisements may contain malicious links that could infect your computer, as well as, open the backdoor for malware infections. If compromised websites are accessed via Bonanza Deals, Trojans and rootkits could easily be installed. Furthermore, cyber criminals may get access to your personal and financial details by planting cookies.

How To Remove Bonanza Deals.

Removal of Bonanza Deals is recommended in a timely manner since sensitive personal information is as risk. Always be careful when installing software, especially free downloads, since they often come bundled with potentially unwanted adware programs. Be sure to use the “custom” installation button so that you have better control over filtering unwanted programs. Keep in mind you may or may not be asked permission to install certain adware programs. Antivirus software can help you remove Bonanza Deals. In addition, you may also be able to rid your computer of this program manually by uninstalling unwanted and unfamiliar programs from your hard drive. It is essential to protect your computer and personal information at all times.

For Internet Explorer:
1. First, press Alt+X and choose Manage add-ons.
2. Open Toolbars and Extensions and disable all unwanted extensions.
3. Choose Search Providers and delete the unwanted search provider. Choose a new engine. Save the changes.
4. Press Alt+X and in Internet Options go to the General tab. There, choose a new home page and click OK.

For Google Chrome:
1. Press Alt+F.
2. Open Extensions, delete all unwanted extensions.
3. Go to Settings, open On Startup and choose Open a page or a set of pages.
4. Open Set pages, delete the current home page and type a new site. Click OK.
5. Choose Manage search engines under Search.
6. Choose a reliable search provider and remove the engine you do not want.
7. Click Done.
8. Restart your browser.

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A and open the Add-ons Manager tab.
2. Go to Extensions and remove unwanted add-ons.
3. Press Alt+T and open Options.
4. Go to the tab General and choose a new home page. Click OK.
5. Click the icon in the Search box.
6. Choose Manage Search engines, then choose a new search engine and remove the unwanted one.
7. Click OK.

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