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TornTV is an unwanted program and you have to be aware of that before downloading it. However, even if you do not download the toolbar yourself from its web page torntv.com, it can be still transferred to your PC together with other free software. It does not matter in which way this tool is transferred to your machine. After it is downloaded, it is automatically configured and attached to your browser. Then, all your search results are managed by this search provider and it starts bombarding you with pop-up messages and advertisements. The reason to categorize this tool as an unwanted program is that it can take you to compromised and insecure sites without your permission and thus make it possible for hackers to infect your PC with serious viruses.

What is TornTV?

TornTV is a toolbar developed to make it possible for users to download online videos. This is a useful tool, but the problem is that when it is present on your PC, it takes full control over your browser and starts redirecting your searches. Also, it displays pop-up notifications, which are shown while you are browsing the net.

When TornTV redirects you to sites with questionable intentions, there is a great chance that scamware, malware and other viruses will be downloaded to your PC and will infect it. In case that your passwords, personal and financial details and documents are stolen by cyber criminals, hackers will take control over your bank accounts and credit cards and you will be unable to stop their dishonest actions.

How to remove TornTV?

To get rid of TornTV, you have to follow the instructions below. Also, you have to scan your system with a genuine and reliable AV program. To do that, download an effective security application and install it. We recommend that you use SpyHunter for your anti-virus tool, because it has proven its reliability in detecting security threats and removing viruses.

Follow the guide below to remove TornTV:

1. Go to your browser’s settings and open the Add-ons list.
2. In the list with add-ons, find TornTV and remove it.
3. Open the Control Panel and go to the Add/Remove Programs tab.
4. In the list with currently installed programs, find TornTV and uninstall it.
5. Choose a reliable web page and make it your default home page.
6. Choose an effective search engine and make it your default search provider.
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