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PCeU Virus

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PCeU Virus is a dangerous and really cunning PC locker, which enters computers without being noticed and paralyzes the whole system. This is an infection developed by cyber criminals to serve their own interests, and although it pretends to be a reliable warning sent by the police, it is a harmful attacker, and it should be removed immediately.

This infection imitates the logo of the Police Central e-crime Unit and pretends to be sent because of the illegal actions of the user of the locked PC. The victim is accused of illegally spreading copyrighted materials, spam e-mail messages and advertisements. The user is even said to have sent messages that contain terrorist plans. The message claims that unless a fine of £100 is paid in the next 24 hours, the PC will be confiscated, and all the date on it will be deleted. Moreover, the person will be taken to prison for his crime.

This is the message, which you will see if PCeU Virus has infected your computer:


Illegal activity has been detected on your computer!
Your operating system has been blocked due to violation of law of the United Kingdom!
Your IP-address detected and registered by the Met’s Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU – is jointly fund by the Home Office and Metropolitan Police). You used your computer to view pornographic videos or access to the web-sites containing pornography, child pornography, elements of rape, zoophilia and child abuse has been recorded from your IP-address.
Also, these files have been discovered on your PC by our scanners.

Furthermore, it has been detected that sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail messages with a commercial, political or other content, or other forms of Spam e-mail messages, or sending of e-mail messages containing secret terrorist plans was executed from your computer.

Blocking of your computer is meant to prevent your illegal actions.
In order to unlock your computer, you are liable to pay a fine in the amount of £100. The penalty is to be paid during 24 hours from the moment when your PC was locked!
If the penalty is not paid the time specified, your computer will be confiscated, your criminal case will be submitted to the tribunal and all the data will be removed from your PC.

Without any doubt, these accusations sound really scary. To make the warning seem even more realistic, PCeU Virus includes the IP address of the infected machine to make the person believe his online traffic is really traced and recorded. Of course, this message has nothing to do with the police or the government. It is aimed at making you pay and send your bank account and personal information to it. As you can suggest, your details will be immediately stolen by cyber criminals, and there will be no way for you to take them back. Cyber criminals will steal your money right from your bank account, and you will be unable to do anything to stop them.

What you have to do to avoid these serious problems is download a reliable and effective AV program and scan your system with it to remove the attacker. This is strongly recommended instead of manual removal of the virus because otherwise you may lose all your information stored on the PC and even the whole system may crash.

Choose a genuine and effective AV program and check all our files and programs with it. You can download SpyHunter, it will successfully scan your PC and remove the intruder completely. Remember that if you do not get rid of the attacker completely, it will attack again soon, and there will be no difficulties for it to steal your money and details.

This is how to remove PCeU Virus automatically:

1. Boot your system into Safe Mode with Networking by pressing the F8 key and then choosing this option from the menu, which is displayed.
2. Open your browser and follow the link below to download SpyHutner:

Download SpyHunter’s Threat Scanner to Remove* PCeU Virus100% FREE Spyware Scan, Fast & Safe Solution For PCeU Virus Removal

3. When the download is completed, install the security tool and run a scan of the system. Make sure you remove any suspicious or harmful files detected by the tool completely.

*SpyHunter's free scanner is only for malware detection. If it detects malicious software on your computer, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware tool to remove the detected threats.

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