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Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus

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Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is a malicious and really harmful computer infection, which enters computers without alarming their users about its presence. Once the virus has gained access to a targeted machine, it takes full control over the system and makes it completely impossible for the user to close the scary warning on the Desktop or to access any information on the computer. The cunning intruder uses different names and changes its language according to the location of the compromised PC.

This cunning virus uses different names, but every time it enters a targeted computer it causes serious problems and poses a great risk to all the information of the user, as well as the whole system. This attacker is seen under the following names according to the location of the infected machine:

USA: Federal Bureau of Investigation virus, FBI Moneypak.
UK: PCeU virus, PRS for Music virus, Metropolitan Police virus.
Canada: Canadian Police Association virus, Canadian Security Intelligence Service virus.
Australia: Australian Federal Police virus.
Germany: GVU virus, Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt virus, GEMA virus, Bundespolizei virus.
Spain: Cuerpo Nacional de Policia virus, SGAE virus.
The Netherlands: Buma Stemra virus, Nederlands Politie virus.

Usually this infection is transferred via Trojan horses and comes together with scam software, illegal program updates and fake video codecs. It always claims to be sent from a reliable and well-known institution in the country where the infected machine is located, usually the police or some other Security Agency.

It accuses the user of downloading or spreading illegal or copyrighted materials. The attacker claims that this is the reason why the PC of the victim has been locked and if the person does not pay a fine in the next few hour, his data will be erased and he will be taken to prison for his illegal actions.
Here are samples of the content of the message that is displayed:

Your computer has been locked.
Illegally downloaded music pieces (pirated) have been located on your computer.
By downloading, those music pieces were reproduced, thereby involving a criminal offense under Section 106 of the Copyright Act.
Foi Detectado um caso de atividade illegal.
De boete bedraagt €100. U kunt betalen een boete of PaySafeCard Ukash.
Indien u de boete wel betaalt zal uw computer gedeblokkeerd worden in de periode van 1 tot 72 uur nadat het geld op de rekening van de staat binnenkomt.
Výše pokuty je 2000 KČ. Platba musi být provedena do 48 hodin po objeveni narušeni. Pokud udělená pokuta nebude zaplacena, automaticky bude zahajeno trestné stiháni.
Po zaplaceni pokuty Váš počitač bude odblokován.

Know that this is a cunning and really dangerous infection that has been developed by cyber criminals with the only aim of taking your money and stealing your sensitive information. Bank account details, credit card numbers, account credentials and passwords – all of them will be gathered and sent to hackers without your permission. Then, you will not understand how cyber criminals have taken all your money right from your bank account without your permission or knowledge.

What is more, it is possible that some of these versions of the intruder may be able to record your key storkes. If so, any information that you enter on different web pages will be collected and submitted to cyber criminals. Then, it will be used for their malicious and dishonest plans and to help them make a personal profit.

This false message misuses the names of well-known and reliable online payment systems like Ukash and PaySafeCard, but, of course, this is just another trick used to take your money. Only the logos of these trustworthy payment methods are used, but the warning is not connected with them.

In case that your PC has been infected with this virus, do not waste time and immediately remove the attacker. You can delete it manually, but be really careful, because this requires you to be an expert with PCs and to have previous experience in editing the computer’s registry. During the manual removal process essential system files may be deleted and you may lose all of your data. What is even worse, the whole computer may crash and your system may not load again at all.

As a safe and effective way to remove the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus it is recommended that you use a genuine AV program and scan your system with it. It will automatically check all your files and folders and detect Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus and any traces left from it. You can download SpyHunter, which will remove the virus without any problems and in only a few minutes.

This is how to remove the infection automatically:

1. Boot your system and press the F8 key continuously.
2. From the menu that is displayed choose SafeMode with Networking.
3. Open your browser and follow the link to download SpyHunter:

Download SpyHunter’s Threat Scanner to Remove* Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus100% FREE Spyware Scan, Fast & Safe Solution For Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus Removal

4. Install the program and scan your system for Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus.

Never forget to clean your PC from the virus with a reliable and effective security program. Otherwise, the infection will reside in background and attack as soon as possible. You will find your PC locked again and there will be still a serious risk posed to your information and money.

*SpyHunter's free scanner is only for malware detection. If it detects malicious software on your computer, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware tool to remove the detected threats.

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