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Whitesmoke Toolbar

Friday, November 9th 2012 under Security by

Whitesmoke Toolbar is presented as a browser extension that is added to your search engine to provide translation services. Although this program is supposed to be created with the only intention to provide the user with the best possible translation of any text, there is a serious problem with it because it seems to gain control over the browser. Any search results are redirected to malicious pages, as well as annoying online advertisements that promote suspicious and insecure tools are displayed. The worst part is that if you want to get rid of this toolbar with unknown intentions, it is almost impossible to do that.

Despite the fact that this toolbar claims to be aimed only at providing translating services, it turns out that it also redirects its users to other pages. Without taking into consideration the wish of the user, Whitesmoke Toolbar takes him to suspicious pages that may contain malware and other infections. They can also be used by hackers to promote scam software and transfer computer infections to your machine. Once malicious viruses manage to gain access to your computer, all your information, financial details and log in credentials will be targeted and stolen by hackers. Keyloggers that gather information about your browsing activity and passwords can also be infiltrated into your PC.

Whitesmoke Toolbar causes numerous pop-up advertisements to be displayed while you are browsing the net. They are annoying and might link to suspicious or compromised web pages used by hackers to steal your money and information. Moreover, some of the software or pages promoted can have names similar to reliable and well-known applications and sites, but may be modified to disguise illegal activities.

As the presence of Whitesmoke Toolbar on your computer can lead to serious PC problems and may pose a risk to all your information, it is recommended that you remove it immediately from your system. To do that you need to download a genuine AV program and scan your machine with it. Use SpyHunter to detect any suspicious and unwanted intruders in your system. It needs only a few minutes to be downloaded and installed. Then, it will check your computer for malicious intruders.
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