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File Recovery Virus – Remove it Immediately

Friday, July 13th 2012 under Security by

File Recovery virus is reported to be a new computer intruder developed by hackers to enter your PC through vulnerabilities in outdated programs. This time, the malicious attacker uses old versions of your browser to gain access to your computer without your knowledge. This scam tool pretends to be a drive recovery software and uses Trojan horses to enter your system. If this fake tool has already penetrated into your OS, do not waste time and remove File Recovery.

In case that File Recovery virus is noticed on your PC, the intruder will cause serious problems. It will bombard you with false alerts about nonexistent errors. Even though there is nothing wrong with your PC, you will see numerous pop-up warnings. Be aware that all of this is done with the only intention to make you buy the useless registration key of the bogus program.

Also, the attacker pretends to scan your computer for corrupted files. Despite the fact that this tool wants to make you believe that it can recover missing or damaged files which are detected this is not true. In fact, this software is fake, and it cannot provide any reliable services. On the contrary, its only aim is to take your money.

Do not be misled and never pay for the registered version of File Recovery virus. It is useless, and it should not be bought. Instead, you have to remove this intruder, because as long as it is present on your computer, it poses a risk to both your system and information. To get rid of the attacker, you can use a genuine AV tool.
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